Musk says the new Tesla Cybertruck is coming ‘soon’

Those on the Safelight may want to be ready, because Tesla is about to release a new one Cybertruck.

The electric pickup first debuted at the Tesla designer Franz von Holhausen event last November. Its “armored glass” windows were tried with a metal ball to prove how strong they were.

In the months that followed, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said Intense design Modified for production, which is set to launch in Texas next fall.

This week, he responded to a follower on Twitter, asking when the world would see the update.

Musk has previously mentioned that they are making a number of “minor improvements”, including lowering the window bar and leveling the character line, which may be less of a wedge look. He also confirmed that it will be made from the same type Steel as the starship of his rocket company SpaceX.

Tesla aims to offer the Cyber ​​Truck for the 250-mile single-motor, two-wheeler model with a starting price of $ 39,990, while the $ 69,990 tri-motor all-wheel-drive can go 500 miles and pull over ,000 14,000.

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In October, General Motors unveiled the electric GMC Hummer EV. Concealed the pickup, which Cyberduk is set to go on sale at the same time price 112,595 starting price. Booking for the first year of production was completed within an hour, Although GM did not say how many it plans to produce.

According to various reports, the number of cybertruck bookings ranges from 200,000 to 750,000.

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