Monk’s first reaction was to praise David Pincher’s masterpiece

Based on the first reactions to “Monk”, David Pincher seems to be holding the Oscar jacker in his hands.

First reactions David PincherS “Monk”Coming from film critics and journalists, they are strong, yet the dense storytelling of the script does not appeal to everyone. Netflix Earlier this year he scored 10 Oscar nominations for Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman” in the top and bottom categories, as well as “Cinematography, Product Design, Costume and Acting, especially Gary Oldman and Amanda Sefrid.”

“Monk” represents an interesting project for Fincher, who has been working on the project since before launching his feature with “Alien 3” in 1992. Pincher’s father, journalist Jack Pincher, was the screenwriter for “Monk” and Fincher and Eric Roth spent years reworking Jack’s original script. The film stars Oldman Oscar-winning Herman J. Starring as Monkeywiches, he follows the Hollywood screenwriter as he tries to finish the script for “Citizen Kane”. Supporting actors include Sefrid, Charles Dance, Lily Collins, Arlis Howard and Tom Burke.

According to Pincher, “Monk” marks a return to filmmaking after the 2014 film “Con Girl”. The director has done interim work on several Netflix television programs, including the serial killer drama series “Mindhunter” and the animated anthology “Love Death + Robots”. The relationship between Fincher and Netflix goes to “House of Cards”, which is Streamer’s first in-house television program that helped Netflix advance in the age of film and television sources.

Steve Bond writes, “For anyone interested in Hollywood history, ‘Monk’ is dense, enjoyable and a kick (albeit a challenging kick).” Wrap. It’s hard for me to imagine that “Monk” wouldn’t be Oscar Heavyweight. At this point I consider it a leading runner in many categories including cinematography, film editing, art direction, original score and film and director. ”

In Beat Hammond Deadline Also, “Expect nominations for Best Picture, Director, Oldman Best Actor, Supporting Actress for Marion Davis, Amanda Sefried, Stunning Black and White Cinematography by Eric Messschermith, Production Design by Donald Graham Burke, Trish Summerville Erotic Costume Design, Kirk Bagstin, And Atticus Rose’s score, and cosmetic, sound and visual effects. Especially Charles Dance’s Hearst, and Orlis Howard’s Vro Louis b. The mayor may also have supporting cast rivals, but in that sense they can be long scenes in a busy year. ”

“Monk” will be streamed worldwide on December 13 on Netflix on November 13 in select theaters. Check out Pincher’s latest reactions in the posts below.

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