Mizo-Vanderbilt football game postponed to December 12

Last week, four days before the game against the Missouri LSU, Baton Rouge was found to be more of a treat for defensive national champions than a result of Hurricane Delta. In line with the theme of 2020, there has been another change in plans this week.

SEC has confirmed ‘Initial reports that Vanderbilt would not travel to Missouri as previously scheduled for Saturday, resulted in the match being postponed. Due to COVID-19 infections and subsequent isolations, the Commodore has fallen below the league threshold of 53 active scholarships required to play a game. When COVID-19 lost to South Carolina last weekend as a result of isolation and injury they only matched up to 56 auxiliary players.

The game, which has been inactive throughout the league, is scheduled for December 12. This is the first SEC football game to be modified due to COVID-19 issues since the start of the league season on September 26th.

Named the annual homecoming game for the Tigers, the match between Missouri and Vanderbilt was first kicked off at 6:30 pm on Saturday and is scheduled to air on the SEC network. Missouri Director of Athletics Jim Stirk He said the school will host some more virtual homecoming events on Saturday, but the events interfering with a home football game like the homecoming court will be the team’s next home game, Oct. Will be moved against Kentucky for 31st.

Sterk said the SEC expected games to eventually move due to COVID-19 and as a result created some flexibility in the schedule. Stirk said Missouri could reconsider another game this season if needed. Missouri will have another pie week on November 7, and if its opponent has the same bag they can change a match to that weekend (Vanderbuild is scheduled for October 24). In addition, he said the game will not affect both division titles on December 19, the day of the SEC Championship game. Missouri will play another game at the end of the regular game, affecting the division championship, if not another, competing on December 12 depending on who can play in the title game. That’s why S.E.C. Missouri’s match against Vanderbilt was announced as “tentatively scheduled” for December 12.

“We had set that December 12 (open) date,” Stirk said. “Actually, if not in the championship game, I think the 19th is even available. So when they set our schedule for the dates the league set, we moved it back, but obviously there were going to be twists and turns.”

Speaking on the Paul Finebom show, Eli Trinkwitz The news revealed that he was surprised. As Commodore canceled their bus fare on Monday, Vanderbilt is the bus company that uses Missouri for the trip that first tapped into the plan not to travel to Colombia. Trinkwitz said he understood and supported Vanderbilt’s decision to postpone the game.

“We totally understand,” Trinquitz said. “Like everyone else we are dealing with COVID, so everyone in Vanderbilt should be safe, the players should be safe, our number one priority is to be able to create these football matches. Use it positively.”

Prior to the season, the SEC established a set of guidelines for postponing games due to the absence of players due to COVID-19. The guidelines allow for deferrals if a team has less than 53 auxiliary players – the number of players on the NFL list – or less than six attack lines (with at least one center), four defensive lines or a quarterback. The guidelines allow schools to compete less than those limits or to cancel for “other compelling reasons”.

Vanderbilt lost 41-7 to South Carolina on Saturday due to COVID-19 and did not disclose who the injured were, but the missing players include safety Donovan Kaufman, Running back Javian Marlowe, Security Dashan Jerkins, Tax receiver Allston Orgy And Cornerback Randall Heyne. This loss reduced Comodoros to 0-3 this season.

Missouri is suffering from COVID-19 and injuries. Tigers lose six LSU victory over a positive COVID-19 test and communication trail: wide gain Damon Hazelton, KK Sism And Dominic Gicindo As well as defensive prevention Akial Piers And protections Stacey Brown And Tyler Jones. Each of the five contact-tracked players would have missed the Vanderbilt game as a result of SEC protocols. There were only two assistant players on the team listed as defensive barriers to the LSU game. Kobe Whiteside And Darius Robinson Both missed the match due to injury. As a result of the team’s seven deviations and season – ending injuries and transfers, Missouri had only 61 substitutes for the 45-41 victory.

Missouri will travel 10th to face Florida on October 24th. The game will start at 6pm on ESPN or 6:30 pm on the SEC network. Drinkwitz said an extra training week will be available for a team that loses the spring ball after three practices and is not yet available to everyone since the start of fall camp.

“It’s a wonderful thing for a project that doesn’t have a spring football training, it’s not a full fall camp,” Trinkwitz said. “We’re not all together yet. So this week, we’m going to use every extra practice available to work for us, to continue to establish our plans and continue to work on improvements.”

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