Mike Docklier’s Week 1 Fantasy Football Rankings (2020)

DJ Sark should have a better -12 week against the Golds

It seems like an eternity since I sat down to post the weekly ranking article. I asked my followers on Twitter to share a GIF with me about how they feel when they return to football, and someone summed it up. He sent me someone with Rose from the movie Titanic, quoting “It’s been 84 years.” I know I’m not alone in thinking this has been a long time coming. But we did it. Football is here this week.

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You can find my weekly rankings here because the table below will be updated throughout the week. Bookmark it, save it, and do whatever you want because I’ll come back every day to update it. There are going to be things you disagree with, I can swear to you. Because of this, I urge you to watch The Primer, a weekly article that contains a paragraph from each game and from each team and each player. It usually runs until 10am EST on Thursday, but for week 1, it’s now (You can read it here). Hope you enjoy.

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