Microsoft plans to bring Game Pass to employees on the iPhone and iPod

Business insider learned that Microsoft’s gaming boss Bill Spencer plans to bring Game Pass to Apple’s iPhone and iPad companies at an all-out meeting on Wednesday, targeting 2021 to release a “live browser-based solution.”

“We’ll end up completely on iOS,” Spencer told staff, two people who knew his comments directly. Microsoft did not comment at the time of release. Apple has not yet responded to a request for comment.

Microsoft last month added a whole new feature to GamePass, its Netflix-style subscription service, which gives Xbox and PC gamers access to a wide range of games. Now, GamePass subscribers can stream many of the included topics directly to their Android phones or tablets, without the need for a console.

Apple’s iPhone and iPad support is notable for its lack of feature release. An Apple spokesman told Business Insider this summer Does not allow game streaming in applications such as Game Pass Or Google Stadia, because not every game can be reviewed in the respective libraries of the services.

Spencer, who Apple has publicly stated that it is committed to providing Game Pass to users, Told employees that the company is exploring getting iPhone and iPad devices through their browsers.

Then on Thursday, At the same meeting that margin was reported, Streaming with Game Pass will come to Windows 10 PCs next year, Spencer said.

A hint on how it will come from Amazon says it could Bring Luna, its upcoming cloud gaming service, to the iPhone By providing a web application. In an interview with Engadget, George Cipolitis, head of engineering and technology at Luna He said Amazon had worked with Apple to make that process possible. Google, meanwhile, is making its similar Stadia service available on PC and Mac via its Chrome web browser, although it is not available on the iPhone or iPad.

Apple has indicated that it will allow game pass or Stadia game streaming services only if each title on the list is available in its unique application.

Microsoft has indicated that this approach will be non-starter for GamePass, which includes dozens of games: “Unfortunately, we have no way of bringing our view of cloud gaming through Xbox GamePass Ultimate to gamers on iOS via Apple App Store.” Month said.

Apple’s decision not to allow games like GamePass on iOS has become a topic of discussion during a congressional no – confidence subcommittee’s inquiry into the practices that can be expected by big tech companies, including Apple.

Former Apple App Store director Bill Schumacher said in a statement issued by the subcommittee this week Apple does not allow games like GamePass because they compete directly With Apple Arcade, Apple’s own subscription service.

Apple has announced an event scheduled for Oct. 13 this week. It is expected to release its next iPhone.

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