Michelop appoints ‘Chief Research Officer’ to visit Ultra National Parks

Michaellob Ultra It costs big bucks to send someone to explore National Parks.

The Beer brand recently announced the hiring of a new “CEO” – a CEO.

The “CEO” will do Travel In a Camper van for six months “catch content while touring the country, visit national parks, and harvest Michalop Ultra Pure Gold along the way” Website.

Some of the national parks visited by the “CEO” include Sequoia, Joshua Tree, Yosemite, Big Bent and Saguaro – although those sites are subject to change “depending on permission, natural events and other unforeseen factors,” the website said.

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Michaellob Ultra Explorer will be allowed to bring “a friend, wife, partner or even a dog” with them, the website said, adding that the Camper van has its own bathroom and shower.

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According to the FAQ section, the “CEO” will spend $ 50,000 and up to six months’ travel.

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Michelope Ultra, owned by Unheizer-Bush Info, will also pay for gas for the camper van.

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A love aside BeerQualifications for the CEO of Michaellob Ultra include “a deep appreciation of nature, the desire to raise the right photo resistance and the ability to capture compelling content for social media,” the website said.

Applicants must be 21 or older and have a valid U.S. driving license.

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The best candidate will appreciate and respect nature, understand the “importance of following CDC guidelines when traveling” and be a “strong leader with clear direction”, the beer brand said.

The application deadline is September 30.

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