Micah Parsons tweeted about Justin Fields during the Ohio state victory

It didn’t take long for Penn State Linebacker Micah Parsons To mention the Ohio State Quarterback on Saturday night Justin Fields On Twitter after the signal caller knocked his way through the Nittani Lions defense for two first-half touchdown passes during the Buckeyes ’38-25 win. Parsons, August is the last fall for all Americans who skipped this season, Was impressed by the exploits Fields made as a playmaker and said on Twitter.

“Justin Fields … that’s the tweet,” Parsons tweeted Heismann leads Ohio State to lead double digits with 10-yard touchdown pass Jeremy Rugert Just before the break.

Later, Parsons wrote, “I really think so Justin Fields America’s Best Quarterback “and Mentioned his decision to leave After several comments in both tweets, his decision not to play this season was the focus.

“It doesn’t matter if you choose me or not! A player does not change a team! I want nothing more than the best for Penn State! Penn State is like a second home for me, always will be!”

Fields, who was once a Ben State commit, finished 34 for 28 with 318 yards and four touchdowns, while third-placed Buckies handled much of what was expected to be the tough game of the regular season.

“I think we worked hard during the season,” he said. Fields said about the success of the passing game. “We had a lot of time to work with Coach Day and individually. The recipients and I have worked hard in practice, which is why we are now successful. We know this is a great game.

“But as Coach’s Day says, we’ll take it once a week. We’ll come back and focus on playing Rudders next week. But we’ll definitely be happy with this win.”

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Garrett Wilson had 11 catches for 111 yards for the Bucks, and managed a 62-yard run in the Bucks’ first game, which set the tone for the game. Ruckert scored twice, finishing a fantastic night with a fourth-down touchdown welcome in the fourth quarter.

“Of course, those people are talented, and the way they perform on the field makes my job easier,” Fields said. “I’m glad they’re on my team. I had the opportunity to throw those guys the ball.”

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