Megan McCain rips off media for ‘too little focus’ on Middle East peace deal: Trump deserves credit

“The View” co-host Megan McCain Hit the media for underestimating the historic peace deal President Trump Brokerage between Israel, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain.

McCain pointed to his reference to the Abrahamic agreements signed at the White House the previous day, during a panel discussion featuring Trump on ABC News Town Hall on Wednesday.

“I want it to get more attention and credit,” McCain told his co-hosts. “I know it’s hard to give the Trump administration any victory, but I’m always trying to be fair. We call for balls and strikes like that. You see total geopolitical restructuring in the Middle East against Iran and Israel. There are rumors that Saudi Arabia may join.”

The only conservative voice on the ABC daytime talk show called the White House ceremony, recalling the deal as “a really big day”.

Kushner’s interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell says ‘the East is not at peace’ after Abraham’s account.

“For all the frustrations we’ve seen in this administration about bringing peace to the Middle East, it’s really a big step forward,” McCain continued. “I saw President Trump talking about this yesterday and I was very pleased. It’s getting very little attention on the plan of things for how big it is. And I wish we could … take a moment and really realize that there are going to be embassies for Israel in the Middle East right now. Congratulations, this is truly a wonderful step towards peace in the Middle East, a great day for any pro-Israel American. “

Most of the media tried to downplay the Israeli-UAE-Bahrain deal. NBC News Chief Foreign Correspondent Andrea Mitchell stressed that the Abraham Accords did not apply to “Middle Eastern peace.”

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CNN spent much of its programming focusing on the health risks of the White House event, which was held to commemorate agreements among epidemics.

The anti-Trump network embarrassed the Trump administration with “big crowds” and “small social distances”, suggesting that the event could be a super spread of the corona virus.

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