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Former British Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab will leave the House of Commons after the next general election. The British newspaper The Telegraph saw letters from Raab to the president of his local Conservative association. The former Deputy Prime Minister writes there that he resigns because of the pressure that his work exerts on his family. The British channel Sky News also reports on his imminent departure.

“In recent years, I have become increasingly concerned about the strain this work is placing on my young family,” the newspaper quotes from the letters. “I will continue to take full responsibility for my constituents and give my full support to the campaign so that we win next year. I’m sure we can do it under the leadership of the Prime Minister. »

The Conservative politician announced last month that he was stepping down as deputy prime minister and justice minister after being accused of bullying. He then declared that he would remain a member of the British House of Commons.

An independent investigation revealed that Raab had misbehaved. The report said he was guilty of “unreasonable and persistent aggressive behavior”, abuse of power and working methods that could be considered intimidating at various times and in various management positions. He also allegedly slammed the employees, calling their work “totally worthless” and “dramatic”, although, according to the researcher, it wasn’t serious enough to really call it misconduct. Raab himself disagreed with the findings. Nevertheless, he left because, in his own words, he had no choice.

It is not yet known when the next general election will take place in the UK. The deadline for holding elections is January 2025. However, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is reportedly aiming for an election in the fall of 2024.

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