Maxoff on iPhone 12: Wrong to suspect Apple’s magnetic charger


Maxoff is a snap-on charger, which is excellent. But this is privacy, and now only the iPhone 12.

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The IPhone 12 Called the new magnetic charger system MagSafe. It’s a familiar name, because MagSafe is in everything On MacBooks, In the past tense. It connects automatically and exits easily, so tripping over a wire will not knock your laptop off a table … generally appreciated.

I did not like the idea of ​​Maxoff when Apple first announced it for the iPhone 12, because All I wanted was USB-C only. I wanted a normal non-profit charger. Instead, Apple doubled its proprietary payment options. It seemed interesting but unnecessary.

I still need USB-C. But I was wrong about MagSafe.

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Works with strong magnets, and supported events.

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Fresh, yet familiar

Trying an iPhone 12 Pro and Maxafe charger for the last day or so, it already won me over. Charger Additional costs 39 Cost, And does not come with a charging adapter, so you need one too (any USB-C will work, but Here are some good charger adapter recommendations). But it feels like a giant Apple Watch Charger for iPhone. It must have been my first particular thing that I would appreciate that idea.

The Apple Watch has a snap-on proprietary magnetic charger, and it works similarly. It pops up easily, the clock ticks a little bit and I see the charge level. Same thing for the iPhone. As long as I have a nearby charging cable, it will not charge the iPhone. Looks like I go to rooms that are not, other rooms do not have a charger because other rooms have lightning, or USB-C or Qi chargers.

You have to remember to bring that MaxSefe charging cable with you, in that sense it is like every special wearable technology charger I have seen in the last decade. Small, big, long. They work well for the wearables you get, but don’t miss them.


Apple Watch and MacSafe: No, it doesn’t work.

Scott Stein / CNET

How many MagSafe types are there, and do they occasionally transfer data?

My first thought was that Apple should put MaxSafe on all its devices. But I wondered, how could that happen? Will that big disk based charger fit into future iPods or MacBooks? Are magnetically closed zones ready for Maxoff? Or will different sizes of adapters developed for specific devices be exposed? Like the Apple Watch compared to the iPhone 12?

I wonder if Maxoff can integrate with some kind of data, allow jewelry or act as a dock. Suddenly I feel like I am inside Moto Mot Territory. An idea that Apple is expanding on its smart-attached parts seems to have been pointed out for a long time and somewhat delayed. Smart connector keyboards Has been for many years, but nothing else.

Many long-standing questions about MagSafe, but now I like it more than I thought. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like USB-C yet. I hope Apple does not skip USB-C on the next iPhone. I want Maxoff to be the gateway to additional accessories, and I hope Apple will be far from replacing one port left on the iPhone.

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