Matthew Wolf 65, leads Bryson de Combo 2 shots as he enters the US Open finals

Mamronek, NY – Matthew Wolf Playing his first US Open and carving his own path.

He starts rough scenes. It makes six birds with him, finally landing on the 18th green wingle foot on a 7-iron steep slope from a hard 7-iron first cut and the pin with the best score settles 10 feet to the right – a 5-under 65 – on a large wing foot.

He hit only two fair lanes in a syllabus on Saturday – and one big – with a map to avoid the rough. The two-shot lead to the 21-year-old California single-digit final is significant.

“There are a lot of holes out there, people will try to hit it off the fair track or take safe play because it’s a US Open, and they know Pars is a good score,” Wolfe said. “But I don’t want to think about it that way. I just want to go out there and do what’s comfortable for me, tear up the dog and see how it goes from there.”

Wolfe is one round away from becoming the youngest U.S. Open champion since Bobby Jones in 1923.

It doesn’t matter if he is too young to realize that the US Open champions have to play from short grass or that Wolf is too energetic and talented.

Either way, he took a two-shot lead Bryson DiCambo, Another guy with his own recipe, who only hit three fair paths, was able to hang there for a long time to scratch 70 to keep his faith very alive.

“Today’s round is a big battle,” said DiCambo, who was still out of range on Saturday night. “I’m proud of the diligence with which I’ve been there today. It was hard, especially when you did not hit it straight. For me it felt like I ‘ve put myself in it.

Whether it was the first cut or the worst rough, Wolf gave himself one last spin before those hips exploded, giving the birds a chance. He shot 30 of the front nine – and missed the 6-foot bird’s nest at No. 8 after hitting his first orbit – and then let many fall.

Patrick Reid, Tied to the lead at the turn, could not find a reasonable way and paid fondly with 43 on the back of nine. Reid took a three-shot lead after two holes. He came out of the 18th green in 77th place, with eight shots on the back.

“Anyone in my position will be frustrated, especially since I am leading today,” Reid said. “The big thing is, tomorrow will always be, like I said, a US Open. Even though there seem to be a lot of eight shots … you never know.”

Colin Morikawa Last month at the age of 23 he won the PGA Championship in his first attempt. Wolf is now playing his first US Open at the age of 21. Is he next?

The last U.S. Open champion to make his debut was Francis O’Malley in 1913. It was also the last time he played at the US Open in September.

“I’m probably going to be a little curious, this is the US Open, I have a lead,” Wolfe said. “I’m going to try to keep my nerves as calm as they can. I put myself in a good place. I did everything I could to this point. I’m going to go there tomorrow and I’m going to try as hard as I can.”

He was 205, under 5 years old.

DiCambo easily went the same route Reid went, missing the left and right, and found a way out of the grass. But after opening with two poses, he kept wiping – 15 straight holes nothing equally bad. On the 18th he marched with two late birds until a short bar to a 70 disappeared.

He was first and foremost a non-audience member on a big, another quiet affair in the final panel.

The US Open started on an equal footing with 21 players. Six people went over the weekend. Now it has dropped to three Louis Ostuysen Effectively combine 68 to complete 1-under 209.

Hidegi Matsuyama (70), Xander Schauffele (70) and Harris English (72) were in the equivalent 210. Another shot returned Rory McIlroy, Released his 68 three hours before the end of the leaders.

“It doesn’t need much here … Suddenly you’re the thickness of things,” McIlroy said. “At the end of the day it doesn’t matter where I am. I feel like I got a good shot.”

All this while Wolf, the NCAA champion in the state of Oklahoma, won the PGA Tour in its third event as a pro competition last summer at the 3M Open in Minnesota.

“I feel ready to win here and have a big win,” Wolf said. This is a big one. This is very important and yes, this is the beginning of my career. But I feel like there is a game to be won. Colin won at 23 years old. I’m 21. I’m not saying it’s going to happen. But I keep myself in a good place and obviously I feel good about my game. ” ‘

Since it was cut roughly over the opening hole, he hit it 15 feet to the right level of green for the bird. Rough on the right at No. 4, he was injured with another 15-foot bird pudding. And then he actually poured it.

He drove next to the narrow Bar-4 Sixth Green, rising up and down from a bunker for birds. He loaded the Bar-3 seventh place with 12-foot birds. He finished ninth with a two-foot eagle in ninth after hitting his last fair track.

On the 16th came his solo bogey, when he was lying so bad that he could not reach the green. He ended up with a very lucky hop. His iron from the tee was thick and rough and returned to the first cut. This set his shot green, and Wolf took advantage of that opportunity.

“I know I can play well if I don’t hit the right path tomorrow,” Wolf said with a smile.

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