Matt Niskenen retires; How are flyers adjusted?

An interesting and difficult twist is thrown at the flyers’ off-season plans.

Matt Niskenen, the team’s consistent, experienced, all – situation defender who played a key role in the club’s 2019-20 breakthrough season, has retired.

The 33-year-old Niskenen, who bought into a trade last season, is set to be in the final year of his seven-year, $ 40.25 million contract, which will see him receive a $ 5.75 million cap in 2020-21. .

“Thanks to the Flyers organization for giving us the opportunity to play in Billy last season,” said Jack Hill, senior director of public relations and communications via Niskanen, Flyers. “I want to thank the fans for their support. Finally, congratulations to my team.”

General manager Chuck Fletcher said Nissan called him the day after the Flyers’ second-round defeat to 7 Islanders on Sept. 5, and the defender was on his way home to Minnesota.

Fletcher said Monday in a video interview. “I wasn’t expecting it. It was a tough year with the epidemic, I know coming back to play in a bubble, there’s a lot of uncertainty about next year. Some players have a hard time thinking about it, so we talked about it. There will be a lot of emotions, we lost 7 hard game the night before.Come home, visit your family, spend some time and talk again in a few weeks.We have two conversations and he is firm in his desire to retire.I fully appreciate it, he got that right, We’ll move on from here. We do not want anything better for him. “

Prior to the arrival of the talented Blu-ray, after a devastating 2018-19 campaign last season, Fletcher said, “Niskenen did just like anyone else to change the mood of the Flyers, who became the top six clubs in the first season.”

“He’s a complete professional and team player,” Flyers GM said. “He certainly wouldn’t be an easy player to change, but today Matt would like to thank him for what he has done, for what he has contributed to our team and for the time we have been with him. After all, he has spent a lot of time in his life. This is his decision.”

Exactly when the 2020-21 season will start has not yet been determined. Along with that, there is uncertainty about how the season will unfold and when it will end. Following 2020-21, Nissanen would have been a free agent in its mid-30s. He has achieved a lot.

“Being away from your family, being in the bubble for two months, has affected many senior players – not just ours, but around the league,” Fletcher said. “When you have a young family, I think it’s hard to be different and in different situations. The game has become a little different than it used to be. He told me he wanted to go when the time came, he wanted to make that decision. He realized it was time to do so. He loved the team and really believed in the team. “

This news is significant for the Flyers ’off-season results and 2020-21 prospects.

In 2019-20, after the flyers Won the Stanley Cup champion from the capitals, Along with ISKCON PROVORO, helped Niskenen create the first defensive pair of flyers’ do-it-all, minutes-eating. Smart, buck-moving blueprint Nissanen with 140 games of playoff experience upgraded the flyers to 5-on-5 in power play and penalty kill. Importantly, he also did wonders for the resurgence of 23-year-old Provo, who was over the shoulder last season.

Among the flyers, Niskenen scored 33 points in minutes per game (21:54) and abbreviated minutes per game (2:38), third in plus-minus (plus-15), seventh in power play minutes (139: 26) and 68 regular season games. (Eight goals, 25 assists) Finished. His winning streak rubbed off on team players and Fletcher praised Nissanan’s “greatest presence”.

“He’s precious,” she said. Scott Lawton said in November. “He’s a quiet leader for us. When he speaks, people listen.”

Shortly after the Niskenen news broke, The Flyers have re-signed defender Justin Bran for a two-year, 6 3.6 million deal. As the Flyers discovered Nissan’s decision to retire, the desire and need to bring the 33 – year – old Bran back definitely increased.

With Nissan’s decision, his 75 5.75 million hat comes out of the Flyers’ books, giving the club the unexpected flexibility to go to the NHL free agency, which opens at noon ET on Friday. Flyers are less open Asking for Trade Offers for Shane Costisphere. However, they can also try the trade route to add blue. The club has assets, but loves its youth and depth, so it does not panic. But replacing a player with Nissan’s skill is not a simple, quick decision task, and may require difficult results.

“Good luck with that,” Fletcher said with a laugh. “There are various ways to attack this.

“We have some young security guards, they are constantly growing and will take on bigger roles as they grow.

“I’ve been working on the phones for several weeks and I’ve talked to every team in the league a few times. I know what’s available and we have to make some decisions from here. I will definitely be comfortable with our team, our team of seven. [defensemen] We have it now and it is coming back from last year. Some other players are pushing us.

“Like us you can start the season, wait for opportunities or pursue opportunities now. It depends on the player, the fit, the price and the opportunity.”

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