Massive DickToker loses access to account with 100 million followers: ‘DickTock Locks All’

One of Dictok’s most important families is said to have fallen victim to hackers and locked out of their accounts, collectively boasting tens of thousands of followers.

On December 13, hackers appeared to control Dixie de Amelio’s Dictoc account. With 46.4 million followers as of writing, the elder de Amelio is sister One of the most followed In use.

Before his account was completely deleted on December 14, some of his followers Screen recordings of captured photos and videos The alleged hackers posted on his account. The hacker also went live before Dictok took action and shut down the account Plugged his own Instagram account,koiiddd.

In one post, the accused hackers referred to an infamous hacker group called the Suckling Squad Infiltrated profiles Celebrities like Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, YouTuber Shane Dawson and makeup guru James Charles. Another post mentioned Instagram accountLucifer, Whom, According to Insider, Said to be behind the Sucking Squad hawk.

“Know that the” Sucking Squad “is back,” Lucifer told the user insider behind him, and the hacks threatened to kill him immediately. “[This] Will be a daily re-occurrence [sic]. ”

Dixie was not the only member of his family to be hacked. Shortly after his profile was disabled, his father, Mark Dicktock, began posting weird videos about his @lucifer Instagram account. Both Dixie and Mark have regained access to their accounts.

The D’Amelio family is not yet out of the woods. When Instagram Live on December 14th, Dixie’s sister Charlie – who has 103 million followers on Dictoc, more than anyone in use – revealed that he is currently locked out of his account, which is only a security precaution.

“Of all the hacking that has been going on recently, I’s not currently able to access my Dictoc account because Dictoc has locked everyone out of my account,” he explained. “None of that would happen to my family’s dictator accounts.”

So far, Charlie’s account has not been hacked, but given what happened to his family, the Suckling Force is likely to come next to her.

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