Make your iPhone home screen ‘aesthetic’: How to change your app icons on iOS 14 now


You can now change the look of your app icons.

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It’s time to shake your iPhone (99 699 on Amazon) Boring home screen. That’s Apple New iOS 14 update It finally makes it possible to play with your interface, and you make it unique. Creates one The “aesthetic” iPhone home screen is the trend of the moment, But you have to follow some steps to do it with the help of two applications.

Read on and we’ll show you how your iPhone’s home screen icons look and how to change their size and color by giving them completely different names – without rooting the device or running skins and boots.

How to change the way your app icons look on the iPhone


This app makes it easy to experiment with different looks on your iPhone.

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The new iOS 14 update allows you to customize apps to your liking. Here’s how.

1. Open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone (it is already installed).

2. Tap the plus icon in the upper right corner.

3. Select Add action.

4. In the search bar, type Open the app And select Open the app Processor.

5. Tap Choose Select the app you want to customize. For example, the use of Facebook, Spotify or News.

6. Tap the three dots in the upper right corner. From here, give the shortcut a name and tap Add to home screen.

7. In the space that says Home screen name and icon, rename the shortcut to anything you like.

8. Next, go to the Safari app to find the new icon image. You can search for something like Facebook Icon Aesthetics. If you find an image you like, save it to your photos.

9. Go to the Shortcuts app and tap the current icon. Select Select photo Tap the image you saved. You can zoom in or out of the image. Tap Choose.

10. Tap Collaboration.

Now you have customized apps on your phone. The original apps will be on the phone, but you can save them in a folder.

Change the home screen layout of your iPhone using this app

No more looking at the rows of apps on your iPhone. Here’s how to change your home screen display using the app.

1. Download Widgetsmith application On your iPhone.

2. In the application, select the size of the widget you want to customize – your options are small, medium and large.

3. Tap the customize widget. You can change the font and colors. Tap Save When you are done.

4. Go to your home screen and press and hold an app. Tap Edit home screen.

5. Tap the plus icon in the upper left corner to search for widgetsmith. Tap the icon.

6. Select and tap the widget size you want to add to your home screen Add window.

7. You can change the widget by pressing and selecting the app below Edit window. That’s it! Now your home screen has different sized icons for a customized look.

At this time, keep in mind that you can only customize the following apps: weather (with premium subscription), calendar, world time, reminders, health, astronomy, waves (with premium subscription) and photos.

Want to know more about the new iOS 14 update? Check How to customize your smart stack (New widget on your iPhone) and Everything that has changed on your iPhone home screen and how to use them. Also, check out these Hidden iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 features.

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