Major maintenance and replacement of public space in Houten gets a major boost

The city council of In wood unanimously approved the Long Term Maintenance Plan (MJOP) on January 24 Municipality of Houten 2023-2027 established. This plan concerns the necessary major maintenance and replacement within the next five years of many important parts of public space, such as roads, sidewalks, bridges, tunnels, traffic lights, trees, gardens public spaces, play facilities and traffic signs. In total, this will cost around 20 million euros over the next five years.

Catch up on maintenance backlog

More budget was made available than in other years to resolve a maintenance backlog in areas such as road paving. In this way, we ensure that all roads meet the minimum requirements again within five years. To make up for the delay, several bridges or bridge sections will also be replaced, as well as all eighteen traffic light installations.

Alderman Wouter van den Berg is delighted with these developments: “The plan gives substance to the new municipal program by ensuring a clean, intact and safe public space. The financial coverage of the MJOP 2023-2027 is part of the multi-year budget.

At the request of the municipality, the maintenance plans aim for the most sustainable implementation possible with the use of circular materials and the reuse of existing materials. The biodiversity sounding board group is also involved in various projects.

The MJOP is extensively updated and adopted by the Board each year.

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