Low temperatures and high humidity stabilize the Castellón forest fire

The first major forest fire and devastating fire in Spain, which has been raging for almost a week in the provinces of Castellón in the Valencia region and Teruel in Aragon, is far from over. Nevertheless, people are optimistic because last night temperatures were low at around 5 degrees and there was high humidity of 80%, which helped stabilize the flames somewhat.

At present, according to the latest updates, the area destroyed by the fire remains at 4,600 hectares within a radius of 55 kilometers. This situation does not presage the evacuation of new neighboring villages. Unfortunately, the 1,700 people who had to leave their homes will have to wait a few more days before they can return home.

To use it favorable weather for the next 24 hours, the 23 firefighting planes and helicopters have been operational since Wednesday morning, focusing their efforts on the two areas of greatest concern. The efforts of the 500 firefighters involved in extinguishing fires from the ground will also be doubled.

Forest and forest fires declared last Thursday in Villanueva de Viver are devastating the Alto Mijares region in the interior of Castellón. A huge air and ground apparatus has been working from the start to extinguish this fire, which has forced several municipalities to evacuate due to the proximity of the flames and the ferocity of the fire.

A “human factor” is probably the cause of the fire due to a bad practice of an agricultural fire. The Guardia Civil also investigated sparks from a machine carrying out work in the area as a possible cause. Four employees were investigated for the fire. Apparently the employees of the municipal brigade of Villanueva de Viver were cleaning up and called the fire brigade on 112 to report the flames, but despite their best efforts they were unable to extinguish the fire quickly enough and it swelled. is rapidly spreading.

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