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The US Internet Security Agency (CISA) says a recent cyber attack on the US government has hit private US and local governments.

Hackers were able to hijack Solar Winds’ security software and hack into the federal government’s network. The breach “affected networks within the federal government, individual states and local governments, and within key infrastructure and business organizations,” CISA wrote in a statement on its website.

U.S. The company announced last week that government agencies and critical infrastructure were affected, but did not name individual states or local governments at the time. Sisa did not immediately respond to requests for further details.

Intelligence MPs, Foreign Secretary Mike Pompeo and Justice Secretary Bill Barr have blamed Russia for the attack. However, some officials believe it is too early to say for sure who carried out the cyber attack.

Future US President Joe Biden has warned that those behind cyber attacks could face severe punishment. “As President I want our adversaries to know that I do not see cyber attacks on our nation.”

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