Lions QB Matthew Stafford is set to go solo after the week

The Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford is expected to fly alone to Minnesota and start against the Vikings on Sunday, having spent the entire week in solitary confinement unable to train after being in close contact with a man who was not linked to the team that tested positive for the Covid-19.

That doesn’t mean Stafford has no representatives.

According to sources, Stafford received the Lions training script every morning and attended almost every meeting. Thanks to a system that records video of each play as they occur, he was able to watch the practice almost live.

Detroit has video boards that record practice and players on the field can instantly see their representative. Stafford also had access to it.

Then, during Lions’ regular Blitz pick-up training on Friday, Stafford’s computer big concert-style B.A. Still isolated and looking through the zoom, Stafford called for security and checks against dialing any security, and the rest of the offense reported that Stafford was in an indoor training facility with them.

Will there be more 2020 available?

Stafford’s “high-risk” close contact with a person close to his family was on Monday. Under the latest NFL-NFLPA protocol, he had to be isolated for five days. That means he is not allowed to travel with the Lions or rejoin the team on Saturday.

Instead, Stafford – who Officially implemented from the Reserve / Govt-19 list Saturday afternoon – took a private flight to Minnesota. He was forced to stay in another area of ​​the team hotel and had no contact with anyone on the team.

The Lions are on COVID-19 extreme protocols, however, all meetings are virtual. He is mentally fully engaged and unable to do it physically.

Backups Chase Daniel and David Pluff picked up real, real life training representatives during the week. But, until his latest test comes back negative on Sunday morning, it will be Stafford under the center for a big NFC North game against the Vikings.

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