Levine Bell hates Adam Case taking frustration on social media

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The New York Jets are running behind Levian Bell He did not look happy following his team ‘s 30-10 defeat to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.

Bell Post-game interview requests were denied As the Jets fell 0-5 this year, all five losses came in at least 11 points. Instead, he made a subtle note of frustration on Twitter by “liking” tweets wondering why Bell had only one goal in the passing game against Arizona.

Bell’s dissatisfaction has made head coach Adam Case happy.

Through SNY, Case said he did not appreciate Bell expressing his frustration through social media on Monday.

I hate that this is the path we are going to take with all of this Instead of talking to me about it, but guys want to do it now, ”Case said.

Bell had 13 carries for 60 yards and caught a pass for seven yards at a loss to Arizona.

No one with the Jets is going to be happy about their current predicament. They’re a fighting team and they already know that they are playing string with a head coach on the case and it can’t make it to the season. Case gets frustrated and sure why Bell gets frustrated.

“No, I have not yet had the opportunity to speak with him on those particular topics. That’s what it is, ”Case explained. “I know he’s frustrated that we did not win. There was no need for a plan that did not target him in the pass game. It ended up that way because of how they played us. That’s all. You have to try to find ways to move the football.

“I get it in the sense that players get frustrated when they think they need to be more targeted or get more links. A lot of guys feel that way and we need to go back to work and find ways to engage our teammates.”

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