Lesbos: Greek police fired tear gas against immigrants

Immigrants protested on the main road connecting the island city of Mytilini and the location of the new camp, which is later set up by authorities Moria Camp Demolished earlier this week.

Greek police confirmed the use of tear gas to disperse protesters, saying on Saturday that “small-scale clashes between police and protesting immigrants took place earlier today.”

About 300 migrants were transferred to the new camp on Saturday, police said.

A journalist on the ground said he was frustrated with the immigrants being in refugee camps and wanted to leave the island, but the Greek government on Friday said they would not be “blackmailed” into their relocation.

Greek officials say the fire in Moria appears to have been deliberately set on fire after isolation rules were imposed on residents who tested positive for the corona virus in Europe’s largest refugee camp.

One protester was suffering from tear gas and was screaming angrily about being treated at the camp.

Immigrants shout “Freedom!” Keeping boards reading “No Tent, No Lesbos, No Greece”, “We Need Peace and Freedom” and “Moriah Kills All Lives”.

Tensions are running high four days after a fire broke out in Moria, Europe’s largest refugee camp, displacing 13,000 people, including thousands of children.

Refugees from the camp are homeless and starving after the fire, with some sleeping on the sidewalks and at gas stations, while dozens of families have taken refuge in a nearby cemetery.

The director of the office of the Greek immigration minister, Constantinos Costagos, said authorities would temporarily relocate about 1,000 migrants – especially those in vulnerable groups – aboard a ship that arrived in Sikri, in the western part of the island.

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