Legal gambling in The Netherlands

The gambling industry in Europe is booming and the Netherlands is not left out of it at all. Dutchpeople love sports and they love to stake their money on their favorite sports teams and players anytime they can.

But while sports betting is a very popular form of gambling in the Netherlands, it is not the only type of gambling that is engaged in in the Northwestern European country. There is horse race betting, casino games – and this could involve the player playing against another player or going against the house. As long as it is legal in the country, Dutchpeople will patronize it.

In recent years, there has been a proliferation of online platforms via which bets can be placed. And this has expanded the gambling community in the country because of how much more convenient it is to place bets online.

There are a lot of such sites available for gambling to anyone who lives in the country – so many to choose from, in fact. And most of them are very easy to use and understand even if you’re new to the entire world of gambling. Also, there are offers available on gambling sites in general for new players, if you’re looking to begin your gambling journey. By the way, you could start that journey hier.

But if you’re new, there are a few things you need to know about gambling in the Netherlands so you don’t get in any sort of trouble.

Firstly, you should know that it is against the law to be involved in any unlicensed form of betting, so be careful with the mediums via which you place your bets.

Furthermore, in case you aren’t up to date on the laws surrounding remote betting, it has been deemed legal since 2021. Prior to the legislative changes, remote betting was prohibited in Holland, but that prohibition was lifted on the 1st of April, 2021.

So now, remote gambling licenses can be obtained for sports betting, horse race betting, and casino games. And guess what! To be eligible for one of such licenses, the operators do not necessarily have to have land-based presence in the Netherlands.

However, there is a little restriction with remote gambling. Players cannot pay using anonymous payment instruments. Not only that, the name on the account being used to pay must correspond with the name on the account of the player.

Finally, there is the issue of age, as you would expect. In the Netherlands, the minimum gambling age is 18. So, basically, it is illegal for people 17 years and under to engage in any form of gambling in the country, remote or otherwise.

Summarily, if you’re new to gambling in Holland, first make sure that you’re doing it within the confines of the law. Then ensure that you are patronizing a platform that helps you get the best out of your bets. And lastly, like every experienced gambler will tell you, bet on what you know!

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