‘Leave Leon Edwards alone,’ says Kamsat Simeov to Stephen Thompson

Kamsad Simeov Decided to set foot Stephen ThompsonS The first social media call Tuesday.

The day before, “Wonderboy” had doubled the interest he was facing Leon Edwards Via Twitter, the request he made In a recent interview With the MMA fight.

About 10 hours later, a few days after the failed Simao won the knockout in 17 seconds. Gerald Mirchard In UFC Vegas 11, Instead Thomson is called to be audible by challenging a fight.

Shimao exploded on the UFC scene with three results in 66 days. “Force” is over John Phillips The second round of his octagonal debut at UFC on July 13 at ESPN 13 saw the first round of DKO after 11 days with suffocation. Rice McGee. The 26-year-old received his third straight performance bonus following his one-punch on a 44-fighter in a meershirt.

Although temporary in the books of the UFC President Dana White, A match between Simeov and the former title challenger Damien Mia Targeted for November. But for now, the fight has not yet been signed, and the possibility of another fight even before Mia could be recorded, White said.

Meanwhile, Thompson returns to action for the first time since making a unanimous decision Vicent Look In UFC244 November. When MMA speaks with fighting, He said Simao will definitely be on his radar as his meteorite rise continues in the middleweight and welderweight divisions.

β€œHe’s definitely a tough guy, someone you definitely need to look out for β€” someone like me, especially,” Thompson said.

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