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LA police detain and release driver after plowing vehicle on protesters; At least 1 injury: report

At least one person was taken to hospital Thursday night following reports that several vehicles ran through Prona Taylor’s crowd. Demonstrators In Angels, According to reports.

Videos posted on social media showed a large group walking on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood at 9pm, protesting the recent Kentucky Grand Jury decision on Taylor’s shooting death in March.

“F — this racist a – police!” He turned his shotgun on himself when apprehended by a police officer on the porch of the house where the shootings took place.

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Warning: Graphic video

According to Fox 11 Los Angeles, firefighters responded to the scene and rushed the protester to a local hospital.

A protester who crashed into a car is seeking help from paramedics on September 24, 2020 in Hollywood, California. (Getty Images)

A separate video appeared to show people getting together in a vehicle before the incident.

After the protester was attacked, the crowd began to attack the vehicle, which continued forward until police caught up with it, Los Angeles-based KCPS-TV reported. The unidentified male driver was initially detained by law enforcement before being allowed to leave.

Then, at 9:30 pm, a white Toyota Prius reportedly approached the same protesters at a sensational meeting, which prompted the vehicle to strike. Station. It is unclear if anyone was injured during the second incident.

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Prius was a black truck and ran fast before being blocked by a green convertible below Sunset Boulevard. Protesters attacked the car with bikes and skateboards before stripping it back, hitting the convertible and chasing it.

Outside the entrance to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, at least 200 people were protesting in the city for the second night in a row. Earlier, protesters could be heard driving vehicles in support Fox11.

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On Wednesday, a driver was detained Denver After being told Plowing a vehicle Crowds of protesters, reports say.

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