Kyle Allen’s injury from playing ‘weird’ giants is terrifying

A terrible leg injury knocked Alex Smith off the field and a terrible leg injury brought him back.

Kyle Allen of Washington moved his ankle on Sunday When the Giants defender Jabril Peppers was whitewashed, he ran to the bull, lost his balance, and wiped Allen on the knee, causing the quarterback’s leg and ankle to be deflected.

“We all have a deal in this league,” Peppers said. “Guys come from different backgrounds, guys have worked hard to get here, so you never want to see a guy go down like that. I prayed for him. I apologized to him. I’m not sure it’s going to happen. I’ll play hard and try to make a play for my team. I wish him a speedy recovery. ”

Peppers was fined for hardening the pass, but Washington coach Ron Rivera had no problem.

“I don’t think it’s a dirty play,” Rivera said 23-20 loss.

Smith replaced Allen in the first quarter, completing 24 of 32 passes for 325 yards and completing his first touchdown pass in 721 days. Smith’s second sporting activity since November 18, 2018, when he broke his leg, eventually required 17 surgeries and nearly became disabled after the spread of the infection, according to ESPN’s “Project 11” documentary.

“I know Kyle is down, I know it’s very serious,” Smith said. “You’re getting ready to take off your helmet and roll over. Suddenly you see them bringing out the flight attendants and the carriage – I’m well aware of that custom.”

Smith came off the bench to test his leg against contact once this season and will be Washington’s starter in the absence of Allen next week as the first round draft selection of 2019 is Twain Hoskins is a backup.

Kyle Allen
Kyle AllenCorey Chipkin

The 68-yard touchdown link between Smith and Terry McClory – who was in Ohio state at the time of the injury – was one of the NFL’s feeling-good moments of the day. Smith threw all three interceptions, including two in the final three minutes, to level the score with one goal.

“Throwing a touchdown is always good,” Smith said with a smile. “It’s been a long time.”

Smith may want the touchdown ball as a keepsake, but he doesn’t know where it hurts.

“I enjoy it so much every day,” Smith said. “I feel like I’m constantly making progress, and I’m so grateful for that. This is another step. I nodded incredibly to Kyle … but I’m going ahead of the whole steam. I’m going to run with this opportunity.

Allen was the second NFC East quarterback to land against the Giants. Dallas Cowboys star Doug Prescott suffered a concussion fracture that ended the ankle season on October 11 when he was tackled by Logan Ryan.

Allen is said to be coming for the MRI exam on Monday.

“Everything happened so fast,” Peppers said. “It’s a weird play.”

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