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There is strong language in this chapter.

Jimmy Lai was born in mainland China, but earned his fortune in Hong Kong, starting as a sweat shop employee and becoming a clothing tycoon. After the Tiananmen massacre in 1989, he turned his attention to the media and began publishing criticisms of the Communist Party of China.

“I trust the media,” Austin Ramsey, a Hong Kong correspondent for The New York Times, said. “By providing information, you are really giving freedom.”

In August, he was arrested under Hong Kong’s new Beijing-funded National Security Act.

Today, Mr. We talk with Lai about his life in the face of China’s growing power, his arrest and campaigning for democracy.

Background reading:

  • In August, Mr. Loy, his two sons and four Apple Daily executives Were arrested Under the new National Security Act. The release was A target and a test case For the power of the government over the media.

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Austin Ramsey contributed to the reporting.

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