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Jaylan Brown says the Celtics’ last second loss was a ‘shame’ for the Raptors

Lake Funa Vista, Fla. – The Boston Celtics were 0.5 seconds away from a 3-0 lead against defending champions Toronto Raptors in the semi-finals of their Eastern Conference.

But after the raptors moved forward OG Anonobi Stunning buzzer-hitting 3-pointer shocked Toronto escape with 104-103 victory, Celtics forward Jaylan Brown Not trying to hide his disgust at allowing the Raptors to survive – the result should be in the series.

“It was a shame at the end of the game,” Brown said. “It simply came to our notice then.

“We should not have lost that game. I accept responsibility for it. Not only that play, there have been a lot of plays before this. It’s happening. It’s NBA playoffs. Either you let them speed up or you’re ready to come back and play the next game.”

The Celtics seemed to have it all, but ended Toronto’s quest to defend its title. Kemba Walker The Raptors guard made a ridiculous play to separate the double team Fred Vanweed And center Mark Casol, Go into the alley and throw the bounce pass that appears Daniel Thees 0.5 seconds left for a tank to give the Celtics a 103-101 lead.

But when Toronto tried to get the ball inwards – with 7-foot-5 Taco Fall, Supporting the walker and resisting incoming paths Kyle Lori, Who are listed under 6 – there was a miscommunication between Jason Todd And ran to the opposite corner of the basket with the brown base as Anunobi.

Tatum thought that Brown had warned him to stay with Anunobi and that the duo would go to Vanville. Meanwhile, Brown stayed for a long time with the check in the paint, and when Lori’s pass traveled to Anonobi who had passed all of them, he had to try to fly out to protect it as it waited in the corner for it to come.

But it was only after the ball had left Anunobi’s hands that he was able to get there – left him, and the rest of the Celtics, helpless to do anything, but saw the shot fall through the net as the buzzer sounded. Boston players threw their hands in the air in disgust, while Toronto players did the same in celebration of saving their season.

“A miscommunication [of] The coverage we had, “Brown said.” That’s all. They eventually made a remarkable play. [Anunoby] Sneak into the basement, we need to communicate well, that’s all. One unit, it can’t happen. We matched, and OG snuck into the basement, not recognizing him at first, and he got a wide open look.

“We have to be better than that. We have to communicate better. I’m been four years old and I have to be fine. I can not give up 3 at the end of the game. … He made a remarkable shot, but still.

“It’s a shame. It’s scary.

After Boston beat Toronto in Game 1, the last two games have played out as much as expected before the start of the series, with the NBA’s best defensive teams grinding games to two finals.

In Game 2, Walker sealed the victory by scoring the biggest shots of the game in the final two minutes. In Game 3, Walker just did so again with an absurd pass to Tees.

“It’s a great play,” Brown said. “He did his job, he drew two and found the open man. He stopped both of us. It was a big play for us.

“Point-five on the clock. We need a stop to win the F game.”

But the Celtics did not get that stop. And, within those half seconds, they found the opportunity to put a dent in the series – and allow the defensive champions a new lease on life.

“I mean, they’m a good team we play for,” Celtics coach Brad Stevens said. “They are tough, smart, they keep you on your heels, but I thought our guys really competed and really fought.

“Both teams have given up everything in a great game tonight. It hurts, it’s lost, but we’ll get it back and get ready on Saturday.”

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