Janssen after the second lost final: a lot of emotions at stake

Dominique Janssen needed time on Saturday to assimilate the defeat in the Champions League final against FC Barcelona (3-2). “It’s hard to put your finger on the sore spot,” said the VfL Wolfsburg defender. “There are a lot of emotions involved.”

Wolfsburg led 2-0 halfway through the near-sold-out Philips Stadium. “We were focused and wanted to move on and continue the way we finished the first half,” said the Dutch defender, who also lost the Champions League final with Wolfsburg three years ago. “But you also know that Barcelona come back to the pitch in a different way after the break. You have to be prepared for that. We conceded a goal twice in the same way. We have to look at that as a team, that has to be improved. .”

Janssen and her teammates, including fellow internationals Jill Roord and Lynn Wilms, will close the season at the club on Saturday night. “It’s nice and good to be with the team now. It’s also the strength of our team,” said Janssen, who also has a number of less pleasant obligations. “Wolfsburg and its sponsor Volkswagen give us a warm heart. They always support us. Then something is expected in return. It’s all part of it.”

The 28-year-old from Limburg then quickly went on vacation. “Relax and go to the sun. Preparations for the big tournament will start in three weeks,” she refers to the World Cup with the Dutch national team in Australia and New Zealand.

Source: ANP

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