International film about the Dutch snack wall: “I didn’t know what I saw”

Director Cariglino first came into contact with Dutch automatics about ten years ago. “I just left a club and saw a procession of revelers walking towards FEBO like zombies. I followed them and I didn’t know what I was seeing,” he told Editie NL.

He pulled his first burger out of the wall that night. “I then saw a girl restocking the snacks. Everyone was so busy with the snack wall that I was the only one with an eye on her.”

The weather’s nice

This inspired him for his film Il Fait Beau (aloud: FEBO), which tells the story of a young man who feels lonely and sees a girl at FEBO who fills snack boxes. “It’s a real love story, with the snack wall in the middle. That’s where it’s at.”

Cariglino – who has lived in Amsterdam for over ten years now – is still very enthusiastic about the concept. “It’s such a unique experience. You can’t compare it to Japan, where you take the underwear off the wall, for example. You don’t see the snack wall anywhere. Some people even thought I had built the wall specifically for the movie. . They couldn’t believe it was real.”

german invention

In fact, the snack wall isn’t even really Dutch, says Eke Bosman, better known on social media as “Snackspert”. “It’s actually a German invention from the early 20th century.”

After that, the snack wall spread all over the world, even to the United States. But it did not become a lasting success there. “It’s because in the United States, drive-thru restaurants have popped up.”

Appropriate snack

In the Netherlands, on the other hand, we continued to use the snack wall. “I think it’s because our snacks are perfect for a vending machine. Our croquettes, frikandellen, cheese puffs and Mexicanos are perfect for the wall. You don’t have these snacks abroad.”

Nevertheless, the automatic is losing popularity, says Bosman. “It’s because we demand more and more food. The snacks from such a vending machine are still a bit lukewarm and soggy. The freshness is gone.”

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