In Italy, as the virus goes everywhere, it is contagious dissatisfaction

The restrictions were part of a series of new measures to close cinemas, gyms and theaters until November 24. The government also required 75 percent of high school students to return to online learning, and continued to block pre-party parties, including wedding receptions. But they are likely to be replaced by drastic measures on any given day, with the government already closing shops and restricting movement.

Some critics of the government’s response have come from its own parliamentary majority.

“Total locking is better than these half measures,” former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi told Italian reporters last week. He argued that closing restaurants for dinner but not lunch did nothing to reduce the incidence of infections, but increased unemployment.

Anti-populism has also supported struggles across the country. Matteo Salvini, leader of the Nationalist League Party and a former masked suspect, showed off his mask to talk to cooks at Pantheon demonstrations, where some onlookers mocked him.

Despite earlier doubts about the second wave, Mr. Salvini is now criticizing the government for winning the summer. The government should have bought more buses in May to issue tenders for more ambulances, not in October. If the state of emergency is real, total locking is not a semi-operation aimed at the business.

In the midst of political humor, some regions are already in fear that the virus will infect their hospitals in violation of national regulations.

Violent protests erupted last week in the southern part of Naples, home to Campania, which has banned people from traveling on provincial routes except at work, health or circumstances. It has also abolished nursery school and made distance learning compulsory for students from primary school to college. Other vulnerable southern regions, including Calabria and Sicily, have also taken drastic measures.

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