In his Throne Speech, Trudeau promised a bold plan for Canada

Ottawa – A New Canada – Greener, Healthier, More Compassionate, Better.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the promise last month after announcing the suspension of parliament as an ethical scandal involving his government and his family.

He promised to provide the country with an ambitious recovery plan from the corona virus, and the economic catastrophe it unleashed, saying “this is our moment to make the future better.”

On Wednesday, he will finally unveil his much-anticipated legislative plan – and as this is an attempt to restore the nation, Mr. This is an opportunity for Trudeau to restore his political wealth.

Mr. Trudeau is gripped by high unemployment, a rising budget deficit and an uncertain future for many of Canada’s businesses. Corona virus infection rates have begun to rise again – as well as the fear that a second wave of epidemics may have begun.

Some provinces renewed controls, leading to concerns about further economic distress. Higher – and more expensive – long-term goals may be less interesting.

Kathy Brock, a professor in the Department of Policy Studies at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, said the Prime Minister should provide more than platitudes.

“Mr Trudeau must have a plan or plan for Canadians: ‘We have a sense of where we are going, we are not reacting now,’ ‘he said.

The contract was eventually abandoned and The charity recently announced it would close Activities in Canada.

But the episode last year saw Mr. Ahead of Trudeau’s re-election, including the SNC-Laval controversy His office’s efforts to reduce criminal charges against a large engineering firm, And revelations about what the Prime Minister is wearing Blackface and Brownface In the past.

Lori Turnbull, director of the School of Public Administration at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, said: “For people who are skeptical or just not happy, this thing only confirms what they thought. Mr. Trudeau’s Liberal Party suffered short-term damage From the chapter.

At the same time, Mr. Trudeau’s supporters say he “really has nothing to see here,” he said, adding that the WE affair is a political wash.

Mr. When Trudeau announced the closure of parliament – his political opponents noted, the committee stopped investigations at the WE charity – he raised expectations of what he could offer.

“Because this epidemic is an unexpected challenge, it is an unprecedented opportunity.” Mr. Trudeau said in August. “This is our opportunity to build a more flexible Canada. Healthier and safer, greener and more competitive Canada. Canada is a very welcoming and fair Canada.”

In this project called the Throne Speech Mr. Opposition parties, businesses, trade unions and think tanks across the country are floating comments about what Trudeau should include, which was read out in parliament on behalf of Governor-General Julie Payet. Head of State, Queen Elizabeth II.

These ideas address climate change since the so-called Green Recovery Project to create jobs National Day Care Program This will help working mothers affected by the epidemic, Loses 30 years of employment In three months.

“The epidemic has certainly revealed some cracks in our social security nets,” said Hassan Youssef, president of the Canadian Workers Congress, an organization of trade unions.

Policy professor Dr Brock said plans to tailor the country’s Social Security web were well received, given the number of unemployed registered across the country. “Canadians have a real sense of helping each other.”

In addition to providing wage subsidies and other measures, the government identified gaps With emergency plan It pays unemployed workers $ 2,000, about $ 1,500, every four weeks, in some cases more than some recipients once earned.

Instead of extending that plan until the end of early December, one idea is to replace it, as well as unemployment insurance and other federal schemes with a minimum return on guarantee.

It will require the approval of Canada’s strong provincial governments, which control many social projects and restrict federal intervention.

Government ministers have pointed to a green recovery plan, but it could run the risk of triggering a revolt in Conservative opposition, which in theory could lead to Mr. Could create a new political problem for Trudeau.

His Liberal Party is a minority in parliament, so his plan is to attract enough votes from members of the opposition, otherwise the country will go on a contagious election campaign. The next federal election is set to take place in three years. No government in the history of Canada has been defeated in its throne speech.

For any new ventures Mr. Details of how Trudeau will be paid will not come until he releases a budget. But there is already widespread debate about this How much more can the government buy After epidemic spending pushed its deficit to a level not seen since World War II.

Most economists agree that the government should continue to spend on support programs due to the epidemic. But some economists say Mr. They argue that Trudeau does not have an unlimited license.

“Homes and businesses need continued support,” said Douglas Porter, chief economist at Montreal Bank. “But I do not believe it’s time to move beyond this and bring in all sorts of new, big, bold policy initiatives that will change the landscape when we do not know where we are going in six months.”

In recent days, Mr. Trudeau’s party sought to cool the country’s expectations for a bold strategy in response to rising corona virus cases.

But the retreat was Mr. Policy professor Dr. Brock said it would damage the already tarnished reputation of Trudeau as an excellent spokesman who sheds light on material and ethics.

“There is a question about Trudeau,” he said. “Does he really understand the question of files, government business and ethics? Will he get it?”

“That film is starting to stick with him,” he added. “It simply came to our notice then. He knows he has to do something, but it has to be something he can accomplish. ”

Ian Austen from Ottawa and Catherine Porter from Toronto reported.

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