In extraordinary action, the FAA chief test 737 flies high; Says more corrections are needed

“I love what I saw on the plane,” said Dixon, a former pilot who flew earlier versions of the 737.

After a two-hour flight from Seattle’s Boeing Field, Dixon said: “That doesn’t mean I don’t have some debates.

Dixon said he would like to see the changes “not much in practice, but in stories that describe practices.”

Steve Dixon, executive director of the Federal Aviation Administration, crashes a Boeing Co. after a test flight in Seattle.  737 Max stopped the plane.
There is 18 months of grounding Boeing cost at least 18 billion. It missed a series of target dates to get approval to board the plane again. That was before the Govt-19 epidemic Approval for the aircraft is expected by the middle of this year.
But epidemic, as a result Decline in air travel worldwide, Which led to a large percentage of almost all airlines stopping their flights, reducing demand Boeing (B.A.) Get approval to fly the plane as soon as possible.

The accident victim’s daughter criticizes the plane

The daughter of Joseph Vaidaka, who was killed in an Ethiopian Airlines plane crash 302, called the plane a “trick”.

“It’s nothing more than a clown to assure the public that everything is fine,” Zipporah Curia said in an email shared by her lawyer. “This is clearly a PR stunt for the FAA and free approval for Boeing.”

Dixon told reporters the plane was “not an advertising stunt.”

“It’s important for me to understand the training and handling of aircraft,” said Dixon, who built an airplane simulator and flew a real plane with a Boeing pilot.

He added that concerns about the safety of the aircraft, which were raised by the FAA’s own security engineers earlier this month, were under consideration by aircraft certification authorities. The safety engineers, in a document submitted to the FAA by their union, said additional work was needed before the jets could be removed for passenger flights.

Boeing has been successful in the first line of 737 Max aircraft this year

Dixon said he would not address specific concerns, saying “there is a process for responding and reviewing comments”, but he was proud of the agency ‘s work to raise questions and prevent “team thinking.”

A report prepared this month by investigators with the House Transport Committee is questionable The company reviewed the aircraft For security until its initial certification in 2017.

“The problem is that it is compatible, but not safe, and people have died,” said Peter Defacio, Oregon Democrat group leader.

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