How To Speed ​​Farm Cyber ​​Decoders For The Festival Of Lost Rule 2

So, you Rule 2 can be fraudulent today To play at the Festival of the Lost and to get some random roles in the Bretek Werewolf and Horror story. You may be very confused when the new currency Cyber ​​Decoders to unlock the bonus chest in the ghost forest is not really dropped for you. Poongy said they look like umbrella traps, but they do not go down into the woods, only at the end of operations. Every action, every time, is not even close.

Still, throughout the day I figured out the best way to speed up the farm as best you could. No, this is not Nightmare Hunts or Shadows Lake, but Pungi was so simple when they said it so they could eventually give up Each Function completion.

Patrols are included.

Once I heard they were getting off the patrol, I knew where to go. Here is my moon based cyber decoder and chocolate coin farm where I think you can get them faster than anywhere else (albeit in a very dull style). Fast loading SSD will help speed this up, but it is not mandatory.

1. Land of Eris.

2. Go right to the anchor of light

3. Patrol “Kill any enemy” and “Find Doland”. No one should take more than 20 seconds each. If one does not appear, do the other first, it will appear after you finish.

4. Return to Eris and proceed to Archer Line on the left.

5. “Kill any enemy patrol,” find Doland Patrol.

6. Fight for the port of Zoro. Do You will get it.

7. Go back into orbit to update patrols.

8. Repeat

This process got me 5 ciphers in 15-20 total credits, again, each does not take 20-30 seconds, and most are waiting for Doland to stop talking. I know people who play “normally” for hours and hours today, maybe 1-2. Is it 20 minutes? Something like that. Each patrol will get a coin when you do this.

You have 5 cybers to make a ghost forest run. I think they would be 25 if you wanted to do more of this.

I used those 5 ciphers and only got one wolf roll and four different masks. So the fall rates aren’t that big though Do Have ciphers.

My guess is that Bungee will raise the fall rates here very soon so that this whole event would be meaningless, but if you want to farm now I think you will be hard pressed to find an easy, quick way to get ciphers. Good luck.

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