How to make iOS 14 aesthetics with custom app icons

The most popular feature of iOS 14 has become all the new widgets that can provide customized touch to your iPhone. However, more than that, custom iOS 14 aesthetics has become a big trend. We have already described how Create ultra-customized widgets with Widgetsmith. The other big part is putting all of your app icons together. Follow how to create iOS 14 aesthetics with custom app icons.

Going to iOS 14 Aesthetics can create a unique look for you IPhoneHome screen. There are two ways to go about this: you can find the icons / images you want to use or buy an icon set with the aesthetic you are looking for. Below we will cover some of the options for creating your new custom app icons and the whole process of using the shortcut app.

Also, don’t forget to watch the tutorial walk in our hands by creating custom iOS 14 widgets with Widgetsmith:

How to make iOS 14 aesthetics with custom app icons

  1. Searching the web for the application icon (s) you like is an option, for example, “Clock Icons” or “Clock Icons Aesthetics”

    In the example below I use the free images available On the iPhone, you can long-press and select images Add to photos desire.

  2. A quick way to create your iOS 14 aesthetic is to buy an icon set and save it all in the Photos app or Files app on your iPhone.

    Popular options are quick Shown in ETC. And Pinterest Many of them range from $ 5 to $ 15.

  3. Now that you have the new icons / images you want to use, open the Shortcuts app (Free from Apple If you do not already have)

    Tap “+” Icon In the upper right corner – tap Add action – Search Open the app, Tap it – then Tap Select Featured in blue
    How To Build iOS 14 Aesthetic iPhone Rehearsal 2

  4. Now select the app from which you want to create a custom icon

    After selecting the application, tap Three-point icon In the upper right corner – tap Shortcut name Above and enter one – tap now Add to home screenIOS 14 Aesthetic iPhone Rehearsal and How to Build 3

  5. Tap Shortcut name Enter the one you want again (may be the original application or your own custom name

    Now Tap the icon To the left of the name you just entered – now tap Select photo (Or Select the file If you download an icon for your iPhone)How To Create iOS 14 Aesthetic iPhone Rehearsal 4

  6. Now find and tap the icon or photo you want to use

    Make sure it is centered or zoom in by tapping and dragging – tap ADD In the upper right corner – tap now Done

  7. Now go to your home screen or last application page to see the new app shortcut with your custom icon

    Press and hold the app to enter Jigsaw mode to move it wherever you want

  8. Return to the shortcut application and tap Done Twice to return to the main screen

    Repeat the process for all the applications you want – you can tap the three-point icon on the icon or something you have already done to change the name.

One thing to keep in mind when you create iOS 14 aesthetics with shortcuts app / custom icons is that when you tap on them to launch an app, you will briefly see the shortcuts app on your iPhone before opening the app attached to it. It’s a bit complicated, but this is the price we have to pay for the custom iOS 14 aesthetic (unless Apple allows us to change the icons of the actual apps).

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Oh, and for those who are more interested here is the watercolor background used above:

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