How to Build a Career with Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification?


With the bold shifts in the whole IT field, cloud technologies play one of the most crucial roles. This is because cloud services have helped businesses significantly reduce the cost of their infrastructures. One such solution widely used for this purposeis Microsoft Azure.

The Azure platform meets the needs of organizations through their private as well as public services. On the other hand, for professionals, it offers the freedom to design, deploy, and run applications on immense networks globally.

If you want to build a career related to Azure, then earning a proper certification such as Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals is a step for you to consider. Do you wonder why exactly possessing a credential is so beneficial? Keep reading to find it out!

How the Certification Can Help Build Your Cloud Career?

It is an obvious fact that to pursue a fruitful career, it is best to begin with creating a firm foundation. And this is just where the Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals badge comes to the scene. It validates one’s basic cloud skills that encompass an understanding of the key concepts, working with different cloud services, familiarization with security and compliance in addition to trust, Azure pricing, and so on.

However, a skill set you’ll obtain and verify through AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam is not the only reason to opt for this accreditation. Here are a few more of them:

  • Establishes a strong base

In the higher-level Azure certifications, the requirements are a bit advanced and can be a steep cliff to climb for someone who is new to the Azure arena. But even the very beginners can pass the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals test. And although the badge you’ll acquire is not a prerequisite for any associate-level one, it will make it easier for you to earn them as well as boost your competence on the whole.

  • Offers you flexibility

Earning Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals plays a central role when you desire flexible career options. This credential is not specific to a particular job and this awards you with the opportunity to choose the path you would like to stride on later. On receiving the badge, you can decide if you wish to become a cloud administrator, security engineer, developer, solutions architect, data engineer, and more. The reality is it brings you versatility in choosing your route.

  • Helps develop your learning muscle

One thing that people overlook is the importance of a certification in helping you build your ability to learn. Going through the preparation process using mixed approaches makes it possible to develop both your knowledge and tenacity, especially if the syllabus embraces technical skills. You will develop a desire to keep learning and adopting new things that will build your career further!

  • Makes you more employable

Do you wish to captivate hiring managers? And would you like to experience moments where your skills will speak for you? Then you had better sit for the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam and obtain the badge. Adding it to your resume, you become more visible for recruiters and can expect to get hired faster.


Job security, employability, flexibility, and the ability to learn are all the results of passing AZ-900 exam and earning the Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals credential. The cloud space is growing and so should you. Make yourself appealing to employers by founding your career the proper way. Attain the badge, keep advancing, and enjoy the benefits it comes with!

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