How long will India last from the UN decision-making body?

Prime Minister Modi on Saturday evening via video link to the UN. Addressed the 75th General Assembly

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the UN Security Council on Saturday evening – the highest decision-making body of the global body, asked India, “When should we wait? When will India be placed? Are you staying away from the UN decision-making process?”

“When we were weak, we did not disturb the world. When we became strong, we did not become a pose in the world. When should we wait? India has lost UN missions and a large number of soldiers,” he said. The Prime Minister said in powerful opening speeches.

“The policies of the United Nations and the core policies of India are similar. Vasudev family (The world is a family) echoed many times in UN theaters. India is always thinking of the world interest, ”he said.

Addressing the General Assembly in an earlier recorded speech, Prime Minister Modi reminded the UN that 130 crore Indians still believe in its policies, but that the global system needs to be changed and transformed to be appropriate in the present times.

“India needs reform at the United Nations and is waiting for that to happen,” he said.

The Security Council (UNSC) is the highest decision-making body of the UN and the only body that can make legal decisions, such as imposing sanctions. There are five permanent members – the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Russia and France – each with veto powers.

India, which previously held seven positions as a non-permanent and elected member He was re-elected for a two-year term In June (the term begins January 1, 2021) with Ireland, Mexico and Norway.

In India’s re-election, Prime Minister Modi tweeted that the countryDeep gratitude for the great support (From) Global Community for Indian Member of the UN Security Council “.

However, India has long expected a sustainable role and is transforming the current system.

The government said last week According to the “high priority” to get a permanent place “Reflecting Contemporary Global Realities” UNSC

Four of the five permanent members, including the United States, have supported India in that effort. In February, President Donald Trump said he was committed to working with India to strengthen and reform the UN.

However, Foreign Minister V Muraleedharan told parliament in a covert note about China that “there is only one non-permanent section of the UN that supports expansion.”

After India’s re-election as a non-permanent member, China said it would like to improve cooperation With all parties but with no comment on the motivation for a permanent seat.

On Wednesday, the India, Brazil and South Africa (IPSA) panel expressed “frustration” over the “slow” progress of the Security Council reform and said it was time to move towards an expansion-oriented decision-making process. Major global organization.

The three countries, in a joint statement, strongly called for the UNSC to speed up reform, failing to do so could have serious implications for international peace and security.

In addition to playing for a permanent seat in the Security Council, the Prime Minister said in today’s speech India will help the world to fight the corona virus infection.

“As the largest country producing vaccines today, I want to give one more commitment to the world community,” he added, adding that “India’s vaccine production and distribution capacity will be used to help all human beings fight this crisis.”

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