“How crazy is this”: The Warriors youngsters were surprised after seeing Clay Thompson in practice

The Golden State Warriors currently have their own two-week minicam. After being knocked out of the NBA bubble, the Warriors hold this camp to help players stay in shape. Stephen Curry and Tremond Green Missing, Clay Thompson is at this volunteer training camp.

After being injured during the 2019 NBA Finals, Clay has not played an official game since. But now in practice, he is slowly getting back into shape. During an interview with Forbes, Warriors’ V.P. Kirk Lagob Thompson talked about how he has already knocked down younger players.

he said, “I think some of the younger players told me this – they didn’t realize how good Clay was. I replied to people, ‘I don’t think you will understand. Like, it’s not even Clay yet. This is the first time in a year that Clay is playing. ‘

Will Clay Thompson return to his best position for the Warriors?

In the 2019-20 season, Jordan Poole was one of the youngest players to achieve this feat in the absence of Curry and Thompson. After replacing him in the regular season, the 21-year-old is now excited to see him play live.

“(Pool) was so excited to see Cleve out because he finally met in person, he wanted to see everything.” Said Logob. “This is also one of the examples I’ve given of places like Soldiers saying, ‘Wow, Clay is even better than I thought in person.’

“They saw the way he stopped and squared himself, releasing it every time, to finish it no matter how crazy your shot seemed.”

Young people will have a lot to learn from Thompson, one of the best shooters of all time. His catch and shoot ability and no off-ball movement. During this camp, the coach Steve Kerr Clay hopes this knowledge can be passed on to younger players.

Going into next season, the Warriors don’t have a lot of hat space to bring big names. So they would have relied on these youngsters to progress as solid role players. Jordan Poole, Damien Lee and Eric Pasall have already made promises. It will be a title-match season for the Warriors again as their stars return from injury.

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