Honda has confirmed the 17th death in the United States in the crash of the Takata Air Bag

Honda Motor Co. A false Takata airbag on Saturday confirmed the 17th U.S. death tied to an inflator.

The Japanese automaker After a joint investigation with the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHDSA), it confirmed that a faulty airbag inflator was responsible for the August 20 Honda Civic crash that led to the death of a driver in Mesa. Arizona.

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This defect leads to the disintegration of airbag inflators and the sending of pieces of metal to fly, which has sparked the largest vehicle recall in U.S. history and is linked to 15 U.S. deaths on Honda vehicles and two deaths on Ford Motor Co vehicles since 2009. More than 290 injuries have been linked to malignant Takata infestations and at least 26 deaths worldwide.

Honda said the 2002 Civic had been recalled since December 2011 to replace the driver’s front airbag inflator, while the passenger front airbag inflator was recalled in 2014.

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Honda sent more than 15 mail recall notices to registered owners of the vehicle in the eight years prior to the crash and made other efforts to contact the owners. The driver who was killed was not the registered owner and Honda said it was not certain if the driver knew of the unrepaired memorabilia.

The most recent confirmed incident in the United States was the June 2018 death of a driver following a 2002 Honda Civic crash in Bucky, Arizona.

Nissan recalled more than 250,000 vehicles replacing Dakata airbags

Dakata recalls about 100 million inflators among 19 major automakers worldwide, including about 63 million inflators in the United States.

The NHDSA says that after prolonged exposure to high temperature fluctuations and humidity, impulse breaks are the cause of penetrating explosions that can expel dangerous fragments.

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In August, Honda agreed to pay $ 85 million to settle most U.S. states’ inquiries into the use of defective Takata infiltrations.

(Reporting by David Shepherdson; Editing by Dan Grepler and Daniel Wallis)

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