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During the MLP’s busy league division series, we will update the results, the moments to be updated and what’s next in each match.

What happened? You don’t think the New York Yankees will go quiet, do you?

With their backs against the wall, the Yankees beat Tampa Bay Rays 4-1 in Game 4 of the American League Division Series to settle things and force a decisive Game 5 on Friday.

Led to a familiar post-season hero. Shortstop Clipper Torres hit 329 with four home runs in his first 19 career post-season games, adding another big home run. It means that we are great in every sense of the word.

His sixth innings two-run Homer run not only extended New York’s lead to three, but it also destroyed the Western Metal supply cove. Bedco built the left field fort in the park.

This was significant in terms of the history of the Yankees. Torres now runs with Mickey Mandle in most post-season homes before he was 24 years old.

Before Torres’ blast, the game was all about hitting and clutch pitch at the right time. Yankees starter Jordan Montgomery set the tone by walking tightly and successfully. The 27-year-old left-hander limited Race to three runs and one run over four innings.

Luckily for the Yankees, their hot and cold pulp was hot tonight. Chad Green, Zack Britain and Aroldis Chapman combined for five not-out innings to win.

New York never backed down after scoring two runs against race opener Ryan Thompson in the second inning. Luke White, who led the MLP with 22 home runs in the regular season, opened the scoring with the first home of the following season. Then in the frame, DJ. Fred Gardner ran home to fly Lemahiu’s sacrifice.

Rays scored the first run at Brandon Lowe’s RBI ground in the second inning.

New York Yankees ‘Clipper Torres celebrates with Geo Urshela after scoring two home runs in the sixth inning during ALDS’ Game 4. (Photo by Alex Trotwick / MLP via Getty Images)

What’s next? We went as far as we could go. ALDS ‘Game 5 will take place on Friday at Petco Park in San Diego. A game time will be announced soon.

For the Yankees, this is their chance to get their third ALCS appearance in the last four seasons. The success of the Rays will push them to their second ALCS in licensing history. The first came in 2008 when Philadelphia lost to the Philippines in the World Series.

Pitch fit is definitely Game 1 review between Gerid Cole and Blake Snell. The Yankees won the game 9-3 after conceding three runs over six innings. In five innings, three home runs – Snell was marked for four runs.

Do you see this? Luke White is a strong man.

NLTS Game 3: Atlanta Braves 7, Miami Marlins 0

What happened? The Atlanta Braves return to the National League Championship Series for the first time since 2001.

After losing the previous eight division series in the last 19 years, the Braves beat the Miami Marlins 7-0 on Thursday, which is now one round away from returning to the World Series.

Their Game 3 win was the regular Braves – their powerful offense relentlessly pushing runs on the board, while their pitchers kept their opponents from doing so.

For the first time since 2001, Braves joined NLCS after clearing Marlins. (Photo by Elsa / Getty Images)

Incredibly, the Braves have only allowed opposing teams to score in one of their five post-season victories this season. They emptied the Cincinnati Reds in both games of the wild-card round and allowed Marlins to score in Game 1 of the series.

This is even more incredible when you consider the Braves rolled in the playoffs as a crime-first team. They hope to have enough pitch, but so far, it’s basically lights.

Marilyn scored in three innings of Game 1, but otherwise, the Braves have kept their opponents scoreless in 44 innings this past season.

For a team that entered the latter season without its ace Mike Soroga and seniors like Cole Hemels and Felix Hernandez, the Braves will have to lean on the Rookies and unknown youngsters to advance into the postseason brackets.

In Game 3, Kyle Wright entered the era with a 5.21 era, but threw six non-scoring innings when he hit seven runs. Braves offense, meanwhile, does just that.

Homers had none in Game 3, but they scored four runs in third place, another in fourth place, and two runs in fifth. In the middle of their line-up – from No. 2 hitter Freddie Freeman to 5th hitter Ozzy Alps – had seven wins, three RBIs and four runs.

It’s not sexy, but it’s efficient. The type of performance that turns them into a threatening enemy in the next round.

What’s next? Braves advances to face the winner of the Dodgers / Peters series, with the Dodgers leading 2-0 in Thursday’s game. The Braves will like to face the Patrice, they are like the Braves, leaving their opening pitch what they wanted, but their lineup will also become fun. Contradictions It can be Dodgers, they present a number of compatibility issues (for anyone, not just Braves). At least the Braves will have time to rest their pitchers for the next round.

For Marlins, 2020 is what’s next than what we’ve seen. As a surprise team this year in the LDS round, they have taken a big step forward in 2020 – the biggest step ever taken under the Derek Jetter regime. Marilyn showed that some of their young talents are starting to emerge and could be a strong contender with two more pieces in the future. The whole thing is even more admirable as they have done this so far since they were the first team to be covered by COVID-19.

Do you see this? Travis de Arnaud had a huge win in every game of the series. He sports 3 installments.

ALDS Game 4: Houston Astros 11, Oakland Ace 6

What happened? For the fourth consecutive season, the Houston Astros lost to Oakland A 11-6 in the American League Championship Series. Game 4 of ALDS.

Starting with four home runs, Houston’s line-up won. Michael Brandley counted Homers. Carlos Korea’s three-run blast in the fourth inning put the Astros ahead, while Jose Altuay’s two runs in the seventh inning were icing on the cake.

The Astros will be the first team in MLP history to reach the LCS after ending the regular season with a losing record. After finishing 29-31, the Astros have gone 5-1 in the postseason. They eliminated two division championship teams – the doubles and the A.C.

What’s next? Another trip to ALCS, where the astros will meet the New York Yankees or Tampa Bay Rays. Race is currently 2-1 in that series.

ALCS is scheduled to launch on Sunday, meaning there will be three days to produce the astros. This may be good news, he started Game 4 after scratching his pitch earlier in the series. At the very least, Lance McCullers and Framber Waltz will get back to games 1 and 2 at regular rest.

As for A, they have the whole office to think about what went wrong. After the dismissal of Houston by A.L. West, they were unable to continue the attack in this series.

Houston did not play the Yankees or Rays during the regular season due to the MLP’s limited travel schedule. However, they both have recent history in the latter season. In fact, the Astros eliminated two in the post-2019 season, knocking out the Race in five games during the ALDS and the Yankees in six games during the ALCS.

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