‘Gudos & Wet Willis:’ Giants Destroyed by Fox 49ers Edition

I know you want to read ‘Pride and Wet Willis’ from Sunday New York Giants Blow Locks San Francisco 49ers. So, don’t waste time. Here we go.

Pride and …

Daniel Jones‘Running – for a huge profit canceled by five carries, 49 yards and a carrie fine. At least something worked well Giants Sunday.

Blake Martinez – Nine blocks, one excuse, two blocks for loss, a quarterback win and absolutely honest “This is not enoughAnswer when asked Sunday as 0-3.

Graham Canoe – Three of the Giants’ field-goal attempts for all points, including 52 and 47 yard kicks.

BJ HillHelmet – That helmet saved the Giants a touchdown in the first quarter while flying MountainThe head and one ‘illegal hands to the face’ earned fines 49ers It was canceled a Jericho McKinnon Touch Down c. ‘Pride’ to Chris for suggesting this.

James Bradberry – He left a few completions Kendrick Born, But Bradberry There were three of the bass breaks. Do not criticize the signature Bradberry And Martinez For the Giants ’defensive struggles.

Wet Willis …

Everything about the offense except Jones running – Three turnover. 13 first lows only. Only possessions worth 49:44 to 20:16 for San Francisco. Only 17 yards out of 10 run on the back.

Third-under protection – San Francisco replaced 8 of 12 third-under chances. Six of those changes are third and longer. You can’t win like that.

The Giants’ kickoff is backOf Corey Poland Tried, but nowhere to go. Of the three earnings, Poland averaged 17.3 yards, and none of them came in the 20-yards line.

Overall security – 49 players put the ball to 39:44. San Francisco missed a field goal, and the clock ran out to finish the game in their final possession. 49 players scored in their other seven possessions.

Clichs from losing coaches – Joe Judge used all of these on Sunday.

“I want to see the tape.”

“We’re going back to work.”

“We all want to do our job better.”

“Our guys played hard.”

“We’m going to do our job and get this thing right.”

Saying that you are close when you are notLeonard Williams Tried Sell ​​that description Sunday evening. Sorry, Leonard, did not buy.

New York Football – The Jets Lost Indianapolis Golds, 36-7, Sunday. That means the New York teams lost by a total score of 72-16. Oh, and they are 0-6.

Who are the 5 bbv dummies Won the Giants Sunday – What in the world were we thinking?

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