Gran quarterback assesses match after Terry Wilson misses second inning


Terry Wilson did not attend Kentucky football training on Tuesday. Attack coordinator Eddie Cron described Mark Stubbs as a “minor” who missed a second straight training session with an unspecified injury.

“Right now Joey (Gatwood) and Pew (Allen) are getting the majority of delegates,” Gron said.

While healthy, Wilson has been a Kentucky starter for the past three seasons. It was questionable when the in-depth chart on Monday was released with “or” next to his name and Joey Gatewood. The Auburn relocation was photographed in three series Saturday in Missouri. Although he did not cover the state sheet, Cron liked what he saw from Gatewood with a certain ability.

“I thought he was good. He was comfortable, ”Gron said. “Huddle liked his eyes. He’s got a bit of a Stevie Johnson deal, you know? He, it did not seduce him. He was excited, I wanted to – we had a drop ball for the baby. Readings … Two readings He could have done a little differently, but he did two reads much better. For the first trip he went on, I was so excited for him and I’m so excited about where he is going now from yesterday to today. ”

Stoops said Monday he wants his quarterbacks to be more accurate in readings on run-pass custom plays. When I asked Granny what he wanted to see from the quarterback, he said:

I like to see it first in practice. I want to make sure we give them, first, as an employee, we give them an adequate look at where he is comfortable reading from, and then if it is not, I take it out. If we don’t make the (correct) decisions by the end of Wednesday, the game is over. If I had seven plays to call, I would call seven plays, but by God we are going to do it fast, and we are going to do it well. It’s not going to be slow, it’s not going to be something we can’t read. That’s what I’m focusing on right now, and I’m pushing to make sure they make the right readings in those quarterbacks, and that outsiders are doing the right things. ”

If the Kentucky offense did not master every play at the end of tomorrow’s practice, it would not be part of the game plan. This leads me to believe that if Terry Wilson had not trained on Wednesday, he would not have played for Kentucky against Georgia on Saturday.

If neither Wilson nor Gatewood are ready to roll on Saturday afternoon, Gron said he believes the real new Pew Allen can keep his own against America’s best defenses.

“It’s going to be a tough first start, you know what I mean, going there against a defense like this, but I do. You know one thing about Pew, Pew reads it.” Against such a defense when rolling, but I have faith in the Pew. If anyone, any coach or coordinator is talking about first guys or anyone using a new quarterback, you should try to protect them and make sure he is comfortable, we call. ”

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