Govt: 16,000 corona virus cases missed in daily statistics after IT bug

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The Public Health UK says nearly 16,000 cases of the corona virus have not entered the national computer system used for official persons due to a technical glitch.

Then some unregistered cases were added 12,872 new cases on Saturday And Sunday 22,961 count.

The PHE said all cases “received their Govt-19 test results as normal.”

But there has been a delay in finding their contacts and they may have been infected.

The BBC’s health editor Hugh Pim said daily figures over the weekend were “really close to 11,000”.

According to the PHE, daily reports from September 25 to October 2 missed cases.

However, it stressed that the IT problem has been resolved and all cases have now been handed over for trial and trace system.

He described the labor crisis as “shampolic.”

  • How many cases are there in your area?
  • What are the Govt rules where you live?

Meanwhile, Kate Bingham, head of the government’s vaccination task force, told the Financial Times that less than half of the UK population can be vaccinated against the corona virus.

“People under the age of 18 are not going to be vaccinated,” he said. “It focuses on adult vaccination for people over 50, health workers, domestic workers and victims.”

Earlier, Prime Minister Boris Johnson It warned “bump until Christmas” Because the UK is dealing with the corona virus.

Speaking to the BBC’s Andrew Marry, the Prime Minister said he had “confidence” in the downfall of the Govt and called on the public to “act fearlessly but with common sense”.

At a time when the testing system is under intense scrutiny after delays and an organization struggling to keep up with demand, the latest revelation could not have come at an even worse moment for the government in Westminster.

Their latest contacts were not immediately followed up as approximately 16,000 additional positive test results did not enter the test and trace system.

Experts advise monitoring contacts within 48 hours.

Technical issues – thought to be related to information technology – have been resolved, and new cases have all been reported over the weekend.

But all of this does not improve public confidence in the testing system in the UK.

This is confusing water for policymakers and officials trying to monitor the spread of the virus in what the Prime Minister called a “critical moment”.

As of Sunday, the government’s corona virus dashboard, as of 09:00 BST, had 22,961 more laboratory-confirmed corona virus cases in the UK, bringing the total number of cases in the UK to 502,978.

A note on the dashboard said: “As of October 3 and 4, there are 15,841 additional cases with sample dates from September 25 to October 2 – so they are artificially high for the UK and the UK.”

Michael Brady, the UK’s interim chief executive, identified a “technical problem” overnight on Friday, October 2, in the process of translating Covid-19 positive laboratory results into report dashboards.

“After a speedy investigation, we have identified that from September 25 to October 2, 15,841 cases were not included in the daily Govt-19 cases. Most of these cases occurred in the most recent days,” he said.

“Each of these cases received their Covit-19 test result normally, and all those who tested positive were advised to self-isolate.”

“They worked with NHS Test and Trace to resolve the issue quickly and immediately transfer all pending cases to the NHS Test and Trace Contact Tracking System,” he said.

“We fully understand the concern that this may cause, and as a result more robust action has been taken,” he said.

Susan Hopkins, Joint Medical Adviser at Test & Trace and Public Health England, added: “A comprehensive public health risk assessment has been conducted to ensure that pending cases are prioritized for effective detection of contacts.”

The PHE said the NHS test and trace had ensured that adequate contact tracers were working, working in conjunction with local lawsuits and had sufficient evidence to contact all events urgently.

The number of call attempts is increased from 10 to 15 within 96 hours.

Labor’s shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth said: “This is shambolic and people across the country will be wary of understanding.

“(Health Secretary) Matt Hancock should come to the public forum on Monday to discuss what happened on Earth, what impact it has had on our ability to control the virus, and what he plans to do to test and fix the traces.”

Health Department Spokesperson It has been said before that people who get test results are not affected by this problem. Everyone who tested positive was informed in the normal way.

When the UK announced more than 10,000 new corona virus cases for the first time since the start of the mass trial, news of the glitch in the daily numbers first surfaced late Saturday.

The technical problem is that some cases during the week were not recorded at that time, so these are included in the Saturday data.

The daily total rose to 7,143 on Tuesday from 4,044 on Monday. However, the daily total remained stable over the next four days – varying from 6,914 to 7,108 – with a continuous increase at one time expected.

Then came the big leap in numbers – the biggest day increase ever in the entire epidemic – which was announced on Saturday, five hours later than usual, with a government explanation.

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