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Google renames the G suite to “Google Workspace” and sends new multi-colored icons

Google’s business productivity package gets fourth brand in 14 years. This business application package is first “Google Apps for your domain“When it was launched in 2006, then”Google Apps for Work, “After”G Suite“In 2016, now it”Google Workspace. ”

Google says, “Our new Google Workspace brand represents a highly integrated, effective and flexible experience, and our logos reflect the same.” Sent by Google’s “More Connected Experience” Two months ago In Gmail, it’s got an interface connected to Google chat, meeting and docs on the Internet. For G suite erm users, “Google Workspace” – Gmail has been transformed into a one – stop productivity store with the ability to open chat rooms and documents in the Gmail interface.

As part of this announcement, Google Meet video chat is also coming to personal Google Document editors (Docs, Sheets, etc.). Now there is only text chat within a document, but soon you can press the video chat button to collaborate.

New icons come with the brand, most of which are compatible with Google’s four-color theme. Is rolling Throughout its environment. Gmail, Calendar, Drive and Junction all get the new four color icons. Looks like Google Chat is getting a new icon, even though it’s green (compare) Current Google chat page A Glass).

Google’s new icon core looks very googly, but it also removes icons of any unique color identity, which makes them harder to avoid. Gmail is red, calendar is blue, driver is green / yellow / blue, docs are blue, and meeting deals are used. Now they are all multi-colored and there are only patterns except them. Many of Google’s new icons are similar, and they help make them more recognizable in the App Store search than they are in the user’s app drawer. In the app drawer, each Google app icon is the same four colors, and it’s hard to avoid them, but in an app store search, where there’s a multi-colored Google icon in a sea of ​​competitor results, the Google icon is easy to find.

The Google Drive icon is cleverly used in color to represent the three main Google Docs file types: Google Docs (blue), Google Sheets (green) and Google Slides (yellow). As the drive gets a dull four color icon, it looks like there will be a new icon to indicate the various Google file editors: multi color rectangle. It is not really clear how this rectangle will be used. Google displays it as one of the top five Google workspace icons, but does not use it inside the app. The only animation it gets Google presentation video Shows Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites, Forms and Google all linking to this icon. This is similar to the Microsoft Office logo and means used to refer to the package.

It’s interesting that Google includes a list of applications under the rectangular icon, because Keep is the only application that is not part of the Google Drive. Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites and Forms all create Google Drive files, but not Google Keep. Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites and Forms can all be created and opened from, but not Google Keep.

Anyway, expect these icons to appear on the Internet and all your apps in the coming weeks.

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