Google introduces ‘Phone Subscription’ plan for Phi Pixel 4a

After adding Samsung devices Google Fi is now available for its online store Getting Started Phone subscription Program. Pixel 4A is the first device available, saving buyers “3 133 in two years”.

Google’s MVNO advertises this program as an alternative to the “time-consuming, complicated and costly” process of “selecting and upgrading a new phone”.

For $ 15 per month, you get Pixel 4A, device security and a phone upgrade after two years. A cellular program – Fi flexible or unlimited – is not included. Buyers will save 3 133 during that period and keep the Pixel 4a “at no extra cost”.

At the end of two years the upgraded device will be a “new pixel” because you will “continue to receive savings every month on your new phone.” There is also the option not to upgrade.

After 24 monthly payments, you have your phone fully stocked. At that point, if you want to stay in the program, you decide if you want to get the next device upgrade in the subscription program. If you do not upgrade, your monthly fee will only be deducted for device protection.

If you buy the Fi 349 phone and security plan separately ($ 6 / month), this Fi program comes for $ 360 and 3 493.

Despite the exceptions, device replacement includes cracks, leaks and other damage – “up to $ 49 for crack screen repair and up to $ 99 for phone replacement.” Google states that device security is optional, but “you’re still liable for the subscription cost if something happens to your phone.”

The Pixel 4 and Macby are currently available on file on Google phones, as the Pixel 5 and 4A5G have not yet been launched in the United States. It is unclear whether Google will expand this offer or limit it to a more affordable phone.

Purchased devices must be activated on Fi within 30 days, while “you can return the phone within the first 15 days.” After that, you have to pay the full price of the device. Google Fi Phone Subscription Plan Available today.

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