As one of the most important apps on the smartphone, Google is always making changes to the Play Store to improve its usability and design. Earlier this month, a controversial test found it Picked hamburgers from the menu. Now the Play Store is testing a new variant that shows direct comparisons between similar apps, allowing users to determine which one suits their needs.

The “Compare apps” section is shown in the personal app list at the bottom of the page, although this is currently restricted to some popular media players. When it appears, it will display popular apps similar to the current list, comparing them based on ease of use and whether they support features such as offline playback and casting.

Google often asks simple questions to people who leave usage reviews, and the data it displays is based on this type of user feedback. Since there are so many apps in the Play Store, the best ones can be hard to top up. Users can see their preferences by comparing some options side by side.

Like many experiments run by Google, it is impossible to say when or when it will become widespread. It appears in the jungle on Play Store version 22.4.28, but has a server side component that determines whether the new application comparison section is displayed. Compared to the current Play Store app listing page, I hope this will hit the mainstream soon.