Google Bard’s AI chatbot finally available in the Netherlands

Google’s AI chatbot, Bard, is finally available in the Netherlands and can communicate in Dutch. Bard is similar to competing chatbots such as ChatGPT and launched in the US in early March. Bard can be used to answer questions and generate different types of texts. Our first tests show that this ChatGPT AI clone also produces anything but reliable information. This is still a test version.

Bard is now available in nearly 60 new countries and supports over 40 languages. The chatbot can also read replies, and users can customize the style and length of replies. Additionally, Bard has a feature that allows users to quickly see different versions of responses, so they can choose a different response to an email, for example.

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Google has also added new features to it Bard, including the ability to read responses and the ability to share images with the chatbot. Bard can also recognize and use image content in conversations. For example, a user can upload a photo of a gift and ask Bard to write a message for the card.

Experimental Stage Bard

Despite these novelties, Bard is still in an experimental phase. Google indicated that Bard’s answers may be factually incorrect. Our tests show this to be true. Because Bard is anything but reliable and produces factually incorrect information. This compensates – just like ChatGPT 3.5 – invents facts and events with the greatest ease. On a positive note, Google is introducing a new privacy hub for Bard, which explains what data is used and how long it’s retained.

Bard’s launch in the Netherlands comes after months of speculation and rumour. The chatbot was first launched in March for a select group of users in the US and UK. Since then, Google has gradually added new features and capabilities to the chatbot.

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