Google aims to capture 30% of app revenue by 2021

Explanation of the topic that Apple is taking the approach to Google Android applications will require a 30% reduction in Play Store revenue

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After some confusion Apple clarifies how and when Apple plans to pick up paid apps in the Google Play Store after looking at its iOS App Store policies.

One step The Android Developers Blog was released today, Until September 30, 2021, according to any developer with the app on Google Play who has to do some “technical work” to integrate Google’s billing system. That means those developers can continue to collect direct fees from customers without offering Google a 30% discount for next year. That deadline is compatible with the Android 12 release; Android 11 Widely released earlier this month. Android 12 makes it easy for developers to offer their apps in third-party app stores.

This new policy is part of Google’s big drive to clarify Google’s Google Play policies to developers and to continue to support developers who want their applications on other platforms across multiple platforms. The 1 year “get out of jail” card was actually for businesses that had a major body store, he had to go to all the digital platform to float during epidemics.

“We’ve heard the idea that our policy language may be more clear about what kind of transactions are required to use Google Play’s billing system and that the current language is confusing,” wrote Samir Samad, vice president of product management at Google.

Google is now asking developers to use Google Play’s billing system for applications and downloads if the system is already integrated into the application, and developers must use that system to charge for application features or services. There are some exceptions to the rules, which come into effect on January 20, including fees for physical goods and utilities that activate money transfers, such as Venmo.

Although Google seems to be changing just like Apple by asking developers to charge their customers using Google’s billing system, the company is not yet clear about continuing to support Android’s open API operating system.

“We believe developers should have a choice in how they distribute their applications and that stores should compete for the consumer and developer business,” Samath said.

Those options include allowing users to set the default message, keyboard, phone dialer, or other app from a developer of their choice.

“This openness means that even if a developer and Google do not accept the terms of the business, the developer can still distribute it on the Android operating system,” he said.

The developer does not need to use the Google Play Store to get the app on Android. Samath pointed out Fortnight Available via Android Epic Website Or Samsung’s Galaxy App Store; Google removed Fortnight From its store After the epic game deliberately violated its principles. Samad also clarified that developers can “communicate directly with their customers about prices, offers and alternatives beyond their use via email or other channels.”

Basically, developers are allowed to tell their users about other places where they can download the app if they do not want to go through Google’s billing system. Apple bans it according to its App Store guidelines.

There is an argument about the amount Google takes from developers, but at least Google offers a solution. This may save the company from a hopeless verdict.

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