Google adds cross-application account security alerts to Google

Google today announced some security-related updates, including new cross-application alerts that notify you when there is a security issue with your Google Account. The idea is that no matter what Google app you use at the time, you will be notified when Google detects a serious security issue with your account.

Here is a GIF provided by Google to give you an idea of ​​what the new alert might look like:

Alerts are coming out on a specific basis in the coming weeks, but Google says they will initially only be on iOS On the edge. The company plans to expand them in more detail early next year A blog post.

The company adds guest mode to Google Assistant, which does not save any requests while in your Google Account. Once it is created, you can run it by saying, “Hey Google, enable guest mode.” Google says new mode for Nest smart speakers and displays in the coming weeks On the edge.

If you’d like an easy way to view your Google Account security and privacy settings, start asking today, “Is my Google Account secure?” Google says you can search for phrases like See a summary of your settings. Here is a screen shot to give you an idea of ​​what that result will look like.

Image: Google

Google its update Security Center website, Which contains information about privacy and security tools in Google’s products. The updated page includes details about 13 Google products, including Gmail, Chrome, YouTube, Android and Pixel, and Google says more products will be added in the future. On the edge. The new site is live in the United States today and will soon be available worldwide.

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