‘Good glamping on the tour’

We haven’t seen you doing your practice swings lately. Is it a conscious choice?
“Ideally, I don’t have to do them. I still do practice swings, but more over the ball. I want to be more focused on the shot than the swing. If you’re going to switch things up and practice a move, you’re going to swing well instead of hitting a good ball. And in this game, he doesn’t have to be perfect. So I try not to be. I try to keep things a little simpler.

You will be thirty in July. Do you feel like another phase of your career is about to begin?
“No, I still feel like one of the youngsters. No idea of ​​the average age on the PGA Tour, I’m probably in the middle. But I don’t feel much different than I did five, six or seven years ago. I even feel healthier than before. Starting in 2017, I got quite sick every year during winter break, but not last year. I’ve been very careful this year and haven’t had any problems. So I feel younger than other years and I like that. After all, the start of the year is a busy time.

Is there a particular type of course you like to play on?
‘I like courses with big slopes, like Kapalua and Augusta (Spieth shared fourth place at the Masters, editor’s note), but Colonial (the Charles Schwab Challenge) is probably my most successful tournament when you look at the number of top 10. Awesome how the trees ask you to reach a certain trajectory. I’m not necessarily a fan of jobs that require leaving the driver in the bag. I think you could say that I like jobs where you have to play on the feeling, but there are also designs that require the exact opposite and where I have succeeded too.

You bought an RV to travel across the United States with your wife Annie and your son Sammy. How do you like it?
“Nice glamping, you know. A little pain, isn’t that great? The idea was to have a kind of house on the road. I sleep on the same mattress. And we leave a lot of Sammy’s stuff on the bus so we don’t have to pack a lot and can just get on and go. This is especially ideal during the West Coast Swing and the Florida Swing. At one point, a dozen players had motorhomes, but four of them have moved to LIV Golf and it’s no use anymore. Driving from Saudi Arabia to Chicago in two weeks is painful. Bubba (Watson, ed.) had one for a long time, and Jason Day just bought a new one. Annie tries to persuade a group of our friends to do the same. We will see in the years to come if this spreads.

You have a role in the new Netflix series on the PGA Tour. Did you have to be convinced, and how do you like the result?
‘I liked it. I allowed the camera in places I never normally go and spent a lot of time with Justin (Thomas, ed.). We really enjoyed showing off a bit of how we spend our days, especially since we’re so close. And the past year in professional golf has been very eventful, of course. What a year to shoot this series. This should make the sport more popular and hopefully attract more fans to the PGA Tour. But it was really cool that the Majors got involved and provided access to places they normally don’t.

Tribute to Jordan Spieth
• At 24, Spieth has already won three major tournaments and is only missing the PGA Championship to complete a career Grand Slam.
• He has won thirteen times on the PGA Tour. His last victory dates back to RBC Heritage in April 2022.
• Spieth finished third in 2022 – behind Tiger and Rory – on the PGA Tour’s Player Impact Program (PIP), earning $9m.
• In September, he won all five of his Presidents Cup matches, including four with Justin Thomas. Since 2018, the duo have won the Presidents Cup and Ryder Cup eight times and lost just two.

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