Giselle Bryant says Monique Samuels never liked Candias Tillard

Monique Samuels and Candias Tillard Fight Indicates the first RHOP History. The cast members are divided into two separate groups, each trying to find Who should take. But Kishel Bryant makes it clear that he believes a fellow actor Samuels is wrong.

Candias Tillard and Monique Samuels
Candias Tillard and Monique Samuels | Paul Moriki / Bravo

Bryant not only claims to be jealous of Samuels Tillard; But he says Samuels never liked Tillard, even though at one point the girls were friends.

Monique Samuels insists Candias Tillard provoked himself in their fight

In episode 9, the growing tension between Samuels and Tillard came to a head RHOP. The two argued tirelessly, leading to a hair-pulling fight. Samuels believes that Dillard is hateful by associating himself with Samuels’ ex-friends, who say he is actively trying to destroy his family.

Tillard denies Samuels’ claims. She says she tried to move in a positive direction with Samuels, but Samuels’ anger with him was so deep that she was unable to do so.

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Verbal Jobs turned into a knockout fight, throwing Samuels at her with a bloody lip from a mirror – and Samuels hitting her, causing Dillard’s hair to shake. Samuels emphasizes that Tillard’s attitude and comments are provocative, explaining to the group that Tillard’s verbal jabs are just as damaging as physical argument.

Samuels and Dillard continue to blame each other. Currently, they both agree that things do not end the way it was done and say that the experience serves as a learning lesson for both of them.

Giselle Bryant says Monique Samuels never liked Candias Tillard

According to Bryant, the one-time close friendship between Samuels and Tillard was one-sided. Although Bryant admits that Samuels and Tillard have a recurring relationship, he says that Samuels is not honest about his true feelings about Tillard. Bryant recalls that Samuels had a misconception about Tillard during an actor’s tour of Season 3. Well made clip.

“I remember uniquely on Nemogolin – it was Season 3 – Monique couldn’t stand Candias from day one,” Bryant charged. “I won’t tell her [Dillard] To her face. She thought Candias was fake, she thought Candius was not in the group… Then, I think their relationship just formed and they are just friend-friends, and then they fall out and reunite. ”

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But according to both Samuels and Tillard, they had a real love for each other. They mentioned that they were sisters loving each other. Samuels took Tillard under his wing, and says that Samuels did not receive much reception from some of his fellow actors, so he tried to help her get through the group.

“I felt like a big sister,” Samuels says. “I want someone to look for me.”

Unfortunately, Samuels and Tillard seem irreversible at one point. The remaining previews of Season 5 show who to choose after the fight and how Samuels and Dillard struggle to understand what happened between them.

RHOP It airs every Sunday at 9pm EST in Bravo.

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