Gentia fans misunderstand the meaning of ‘sadness’ after Emmys win

The 2020 Emmys Confused by the meaning of “sadness” Zentaya gave fans a teachable moment.

24 years old Surprise hit Left groups were more shocked by the portrayal of Ru Bennett on HBO’s “Euphoria” than the acting cattle Jennifer Aniston, Laura Linney, Olivia Coleman, Jodi Comer and Sandra O. Tweet from the New York Post Gentaya’s leading actress announced the success of a drama series.

“The biggest regret: Geneva Aniston won the Gentaya Emmys 2020 more than Laura Linney,” read The Post’s tweet, the youngest woman to win a trophy in Emmy’s history, with a gentian screen grab of Gentia receiving her award.

Fans quickly came to Zentaya’s defense.

“No one regrets it,” he wrote A fan, Gets more than 1,000 “likes” on the platform. “I hate to see a powerful woman win an award, I see,” Another comment Less inspired fan.

Some have pointed out that in the context of a competition, such as a sporting event or award show, “sadness” can be used to refer to a surprising victory, especially for a underdog like Zentaya who rose up against industrial heavyweights.

Mankind has no hope if many do not know what “sadness” means, “he said A Twitter When Another lamented, “Well, they must have used another word in the dictionary.”

Hundreds of amateur linguists have gone with Gentia Stans about the various meanings of the word, and whether The Post underestimates the former Disney Princess’ Performance in HBO play. Other internet players Claim In response to the original tweet to fight for their “Osirk” Queen Lynn – among them:

“Gentia did a great job, but Laura Linney deserves that award. She’s the best.”

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